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Back to Main PageMeta Pages This is a list of articles in Category:Candidates for Deletion.

Nominating for Deletion[edit]

To nominate a page for deletion add the code below to the top of that page. Do not remove any content from the page when adding this template. The discussion about its deletion should take place on its talk page.

{{delete|~~~~~|<!--Insert why this article should not be present on D&D Wiki here.-->}}

When nominating an incomplete page for deletion please make sure that it is not being actively improved upon.

In most cases 14 days after a page is nominated for deletion it will be deleted. Pages will not get deleted which have been improved upon to a better point or the reason for deletion has been addressed.

Image Deletion

Images are deleted in the following manners.

  1. Copyright images. We cannot use these without permission. If we can get permission, the owner would normally ask us to attribute them and show that it's under copyright. We can use copyright work without permission where there is fair-use (e.g. book covers where we are providing information about a book), but still attribute the copyright holder.
  2. Different licenses that do not allow for reproductive work. Please state which other license, if any, the image falls under. An image without a licensing statement is considered to be under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3. Attribute the author; if it's a reproductive license we have to release it under the same license (and these images are not to be queued for deletion). If its an image the uploaded created himself then its up to them what information they provide.
  3. Images which the author's lifespan is shorter then what is stated by Public Domain. On Public Domain images you don't have to say anything, as it defaults to the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.
  4. The fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. All other types are an infringement of product copyright, and those images are to be queued for image deletion.

Recent Deletions[edit]

Please see Special:Log/delete.

Articles with delete templates
Page Name Date Template added Template Reason
:Category:6 Homebrew|| style="text-align: left;" | 20:31, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Redundant due to Category:User. While the page says it is a test, it is unclear what the test is for or why the user is flagging their pages with it instead of the appropriate categories, as "test" pages should generally be relegated to user subpages.
6 Homebrew (DnD Other) 10:10, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
6 Homebrew (DnD Other)/Aryan 10:17, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
6 Homebrew (DnD Other)/Dice 10:12, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
6 Homebrew (DnD Other)/Godroll 10:08, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
6 Homebrew (DnD Other)/Gods 10:09, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
Adaptive Body 13:51, 16 May 2017 (UTC) See the following template and the talk page.
Afriqan 10:19, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
File:Ahri.jpg|| style="text-align: left;" | 07:21, 14 May 2017 (UTC)
Please attribute artist and provide license information.
Al qadim 10:19, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
Alcheme-gonne (5e Equipment) 09:51, 21 May 2017 (UTC) Sorry, just not particularly interesting or well described.
Alcoholic (3.5e Flaw) 18:23, 26 May 2017 (UTC) I think this is a good example of what a flaw shouldn't look like.
Anthromals (5e Race) 02:31, 28 April 2017 (UTC) Not edited in over a month. Little to salvage. Just play a Shifter.
Assassin 's dagger (5e Equipment) 15:04, 12 May 2017 (UTC) Er, ha ha, what happened here. This is also about the millionth "assassin's dagger" I've seen will people please stop it.
Assassin Robes (5e Equipment) 16:03, 22 May 2017 (UTC) This has gone through a few versions. Now it's the same as very rare (+2) studded leather except cheaper and you can buy it in a shop. The intent just seems to be to have something better than the light armors in the PHB for the sake of it.
Bad ideas that would be effective 09:46, 21 May 2017 (UTC) Unlcear what the point of this page is. If you want to keep the content, please move it to your user space.
Battle fan (5e Equipment) 17:28, 17 May 2017 (UTC) We already have Battle Fan (5e Equipment). What's below introduces a bunch of special rules that resemble magic weapon properties. They don't belong on a single mundane weapon. Why can a gunpai deflect a missile, but a shield can't? Why does a spinis cause bleeding, but no other weapon does?
Beholder (5e Race) 5/22/17 Copyright infringement. See talk page for details.
Bend Time (5e Spell) 10:56, 26 May 2017 (UTC)~ Funnily enough the PHB already has spell for speeding up, slowing down and stopping time, with actual rules that let them be used in the game.
Blade Armor (5e Equipment) 07:13, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Still unexplained.
Blade of Glory's Wrath (5e Equipment) 16:26, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Take a holy avenger, make it nonmagical, but more powerful, but a fraction of a faction of the cost?
Bolt action (5e Equipment) 16:17, 17 May 2017 (UTC) This does not understand how the reload property works on modern firearms.
Bone Gauntlets (5e Equipment) 16:11, 17 May 2017 (UTC) The properties do not make sense, and using an armour's gauntlets as a weapon is under DM adjudication
Boxer (5e Class) 04:13, 13 May 2017 (UTC) For best results, use a monk with the Entertainer background (gladiator variant).
Brigandine (5e Equipment) 07:23, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Maybe we should have an "alternate armor names" page, like we have for weapons
CATS! (5e Spell) 16:31, 17 May 2017 (UTC) DELETES!
Canister shot (5)(5e Equipment) 16:20, 17 May 2017 (UTC) What?
Cast Iron Grenade (5e Equipment) 10:51, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Already in the DMG (the renaissance "bomb"). Explosive weapons do not use an attack roll so this whole thing is wrong. The only salvageable thing might be the "misfire" thing, but that should be moved to a variant rule.
Chain Demon (5e Class) 08:06, 16 May 2017 (UTC) It's been a few weeks now, and no game content has been added.
Charging Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) 01:33, 21 May 2017 (UTC) Abandoned for over a year.
Charm of Aid (5e Equipment) 05:10, 15 May 2017 (UTC) Unplayable.
Circle of Life and Death (5e Archetype) 13:34, 5 April 2017 (UTC) I think this is not a good topic for a warlock archetype. I'll work on this some more, and come up with a new archetype for a different class. -WeirdoWhoever (talk) 13:34, 5 April 2017 (UTC)
Circle of spirits (5e Archetype) 18:13, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Gave up assessing this, the whole thing needs rewriting, but there's not enough explanation to do so.
Counter-Kill (3.5e Feat) 11:14, 21 May 2017 (UTC) Substandard definition. Apparently this works against a ranged touch attack from 60 ft away, can occur an unlimited times per round, and instantly kills a creature regardless of their current hit points.
Courtesan (5e Background) 19:48, 14 May 2017 (UTC) Couldn't you just reflavor the entertainer background?
Dawner Skies (5e Campaign Setting) 11:55, 26 May 2017 (UTC) This has been like this for 2 months now and the OP hasn't returned. I can't say I'm particularly excited about a campaign that promises to not to be good, but the OP needs help with the formatting, please contact me.
Deathdrop 10:47, 26 May 2017 (UTC) I'm beginning to suspect that this contributor has not actually read the rulebooks.
Divine Speed 10:02, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Ideally a class feature should only be listed on the class to which it belongs, instead of as a separate page. This is especially true for a class feature comprised of a single sentence that makes no sense out of the context of that class.
Drone Builder (5e Class) 09:52, 21 May 2017 (UTC) The whole thing would need rewriting from scratch. "Drones’ stats are increased by 133%"?
Drow Elite Warrior 22:51, 18 May 2017 (UTC) Not SRD.
File:EarthMagic.jpg|| style="text-align: left;" | 22:05, 28 April 2017 (UTC)
Please provide license information.
Essence Transmutation (5e Spell) 09:24, 27 May 2017 (UTC) If you were going to do this, it should work like 5e SRD:Flesh to Stone, and the resulting material wealth should vary depending on the creature (so you can't just churn out endless gold and gems by casting this daily on some cheap livestock). As it stands, this spell doesn't work at all (especially since no-one can actually take it).
Explosive shot (5)(5e Equipment) 16:19, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Doesn't make sense grammatically or mechanically.
Fallout (D20 Modern Campaign Setting) 5/22/17 See talk page.
Fanatic Romantic (5e Background) 07:58, 16 May 2017 (UTC) This doesn't explain what you were doing before you were an adventurer. It is a description of a personality trait. I mean, it's very nice and everything, but it's not a background. OP has not returned to complete this from January.
Flameweaver (3.5e Class) 19:34, 26 May 2017 (UTC) This did not turn out very good did it.
Flora/Fauna (5e Background) 09:03, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Doesn't explain what this actually is. How does being an "awakened plant" work with race choice? It also says its for someone who was "reared by wolves" and the Outlander "doesn't fit" - but being raised by wolves is one of the possible traits of the Outlander!
Guiding Moonlight (5e Equipment) 11:07, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Has been 6 months now, still no game information.
Hadoken (3.5e Feat) 11:16, 21 May 2017 (UTC) For heaven's sake.
:Category:Half-Life Setting|| style="text-align: left;" | 00:58, 6 January 2014 (MST) Campaign setting deleted; check these to see if they are suitable for general D20M material (removing breadcrumb/category if kept)
Hand mortar 10:53, 26 May 2017 (UTC) This isn't how explosive weapons work, please see the DMG. A hand mortar would just increase the range on a regular "bomb".
Healing Mist 03:13, 16 May 2017 (UTC) See above.
Hellstar (3.5e Creature) 14:46, 24 April 2016 (MDT) Abandoned for 1 year
Henti Mage (3.5e Class) 07:25, 14 May 2017 (UTC) Looking past the adult content, this is still garbage.
Heroes Strength (3.5e Feat) 20:43, 19 May 2017 (UTC) Already been done I'm afraid.
Hitler´s ring 08:25, 29 April 2017 (UTC) Needlessly anachronistic with a really vague benefit.
Hot-air balloon 10:53, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Still missing fundamental information.
Hylian Shield (5e Equipment) 07:13, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Does not work with D&D, and the PHB shield would work just fine for this.
Ice Blade 21:04, 24 May 2017 (UTC) OP remade this at Ice Blade (5e Spell).
Imagination 07:53, 16 May 2017 (UTC) I can't think of a way to change this.
Imperial Armor (5e Equipment) 07:17, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Doesn't seem to have a point. Doesn't even explain what this armour is.
Imperium Armor (5e Equipment) 07:24, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Woah, ha ha, what.
Iron Pipe 20:48, 17 May 2017 (UTC) This has been empty for more than a year.
Jean Armor (5e Equipment) 07:16, 23 May 2017 (UTC) "Clothing", then?
Kurma 10:44, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Has been 1 month now without any real content.
Legionary (5e Class) 21:47, 15 May 2017 (UTC) Wow, it's just like a fighter except without the class features... or the playability.
Lord (5e Class) 09:26, 12 May 2017 (UTC) Well, you gave it a good go, but this didn't really work out. Contact me if you want a breakdown of how you can improve your next attempt.
Magic 10:11, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
:Category:Maneuver|| style="text-align: left;" | 01:02, 2 January 2014 (MST) Several things are using this: Unrelated Class maneuvers (Martial Artist, Monk; these don't seem to use unified mechanics. Martial Artist maneuvers are scaled 1st to 5th level, Monks 1st to 9th level) and a group of Feats. Each needs it's own category and the page IDs need correcting.
Master Debater (5e Background) 08:01, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Well, nothing happening here. As a career, this would probably be a subset of a philosopher. It's possible this was just created for the jokey name.
Milingator (5e Creature) 12:00, 26 May 2017 (UTC) No response to the above.
Mithral skin (3.5e Feat) 11:19, 21 May 2017 (UTC) Prerequisites are redlinked, benefits are absurd.
Nerull 15:33, 27 April 2017 (UTC) This looks like it was directly copied from Wikipedia, even to include templates that don't exist here.
Nordic Hauburk 17:10, 22 May 2017 (UTC) No mundane item should really have to specify that it "resists the effects of cold weather", as this is already simply handled in the DMG. Resistance to cold and resistance to slashing puts this on par with magical items. It also makes an exception of hot climates, although this is an area of DM adjudication that could apply to other heavy armours.
One Punch Man (5e Class) 08:12, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Falls into the trap of making a class out of one specific character. Very narrow in scope, no class options, and broken features.
Otherworldly Patron: The Galactic Guardian (5e Archetype) 17:01, 30 April 2017 (UTC) Blanked by original creator
Paralysis Strike 13:50, 16 May 2017 (UTC) See the following template and the talk page.
Parma (5e Equipment) 17:17, 22 May 2017 (UTC) Why can this shield be used as a weapon, but a regular shield can't? (Answer: you can, but it is handled by things other than the inherent property of the shield itself.
Pilum (5e Equipment) 15:45, 22 May 2017 (UTC) I don't understand what is special about this that would let you attack with it as a "free action". Is it magical? Otherwise it's just a javelin that can't be reused, which is handled easily enough with DM adjudication.
Poranga (3.5e Creature) 11:25, 21 May 2017 (UTC) What is this. I guess we'll never know.
Psionic Warrior (5e Class) 00:48, 14 May 2017 (UTC) Page was blanked and deletion was requested by the page's sole contributor nearly a month ago.
Pumpkin King (5e class) 16:51, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Per all the above. Plus, how are you supposed to be an adventurer if you are "serving your sentence in the after life"?
:Category:Races|| style="text-align: left;" | 20:29, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Redundant due to Category:Race
Races 10:13, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
Rary's Telepathic Bond (5e Spell) 22:59, 21 May 2017 (UTC) There's already a page for this spell in the SRD, telepathic bond.
Redcap 11:49, 26 May 2017 (UTC) While there are a few interesting traits, Redcap is still nonsensical, and Racial Weapon makes for an overpowered monk, and there's still no description. Would need a complete rewrite to be usable.
Saiyan Elite 09:22, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Not appropriate for a background.
Scared People (5e Race) 16:49, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Okay, this has been like this since last November and no improvements have been made. It's half gibberish, and there's a choice of one subrace, but all it does it take away a trait?!
Shoulder Shield (5e Equipment) 07:11, 23 May 2017 (UTC) A thing you "attach" (how?) to your arm that itself weighs as much as a suit of heavy armor, and somehow lets you block blows while you are using the same arm to swing a big weapon (but not a small one?) Bizarre.
Sickle (5e Equipment) 08:11, 8 May 2017 (UTC) This takes the PHB sickle and increases the damage and halves the cost? Why?
Silver blade (5e Equipment) 09:26, 12 May 2017 (UTC) Not sure how this can be fixed.
Silvered Armor (5e Equipment) 16:39, 22 May 2017 (UTC) Doesn't really say how having silver armor effects things, and the statistics are, well, not right.
Skillfull mind 15:14, 16 May 2017 (UTC) "you play with men" ?!
Slave Trader 10:48, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Has been 1 month now with no real content.
Slenderman 16:51, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Wasn't fixed, so delete.
Sneak Thief 10:43, 26 May 2017 (UTC) No context
Spell beaker 21:49, 15 May 2017 (UTC) Abandoned without any content.
Stilt Knight (5e Class) 21:51, 15 May 2017 (UTC) Abandoned without any content.
Terminator armor 16:19, 22 May 2017 (UTC) I don't see a 40K campaign anywhere, and this is insufficient as a standalone item.
The Edgester 21:45, 15 May 2017 (UTC) Abandoned without any content.
Tide of iron variant (5e Feat) 08:59, 12 May 2017 (UTC) Overpowered and a little bit boring.
Transfer Enchantment (5e Spell) 15:12, 12 May 2017 (UTC) Giving a weapon magical properties by using another magic weapon as an "ingredient" is a reasonable variant rule for the "crafting a magic item" downtime activity. I'm not sure a spell is really necessary: especially since in many cases this will need DM adjudication (can I transfer the effect of the scimitar of speed to a club?
Travaler's Cloak (5e Equipment) 15:50, 22 May 2017 (UTC) Extreme cold is already handled simply enough in the DMG, and a "travaler's cloak" would already be part of a traveler's clothes already in the PHB. It's not a suit of armour.
Typecast 10:14, 19 May 2017 (UTC) No reference project. This just spreads confusion to various pages. Either move to a user namespace or a variant rule system.
Uncharted Explorer (5e Class) 21:53, 15 May 2017 (UTC) No useful game information to improve on.
Uwa-obi (5e Equipment) 07:31, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Unresolved issues. Critically, this is not a suit of armor.
Valkyrian Armor (5e Equipment) 07:33, 23 May 2017 (UTC) Doesn't describe what this armour actually is, and there's no reason why you couldn't use the PHB light armours.
Wandering Samurai (5e Class) 08:30, 29 April 2017 (UTC) It's not great, incomplete, and it's not being actively edited.
Wandering eye (5e spell) 17:36, 30 April 2017 (UTC) 5e SRD:Arcane Eye
Wonder child (5e Background) 15:10, 16 May 2017 (UTC) Backgrounds should describe what the PC was doing before they became an adventurer. This is quite vague, doesn't explain much. It needs to be more than "you are good with magic" or whatever. The traits seem completely random, unrelated and/or bizarre.
X-Type Hunting Bow 11:00, 26 May 2017 (UTC) Despite the description on the talk page, I still don't understand how this bow works without the arrows falling about everywhere, and it doesn't fit mechanically.
XenoMorph(5e Race) 08:29, 27 May 2017 (UTC) Per above. Not only are the mechanics poor (and would need completely rewriting), but it doesn't explain how this works with normal D&D class choice: the idea of a xenomorph bard playing a lute, or a xenomorph wizard wearing robes and studying a spellbook, is just comical.
Yag (5e Creature) 04:39, 23 May 2017 (UTC) See above.
Young red shadow dragon 16:36, 18 May 2017 (UTC) This doesn't seem to make sense in 5e mechanics, and needless to say a dragon would probably cost more than 50 to 500 gp. OP hasn't made any edit since posting this over 10 days ago.
:Category:Zyanya Setting|| style="text-align: left;" | 01:09, 16 June 2015 (MDT) These can go now, abandoned campaign deleted
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