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Wondrous Items

Wondrous Item Rarity Summary
Alabaster Puppy common Once every two days, this figurine of wondrous power can become a Tiny mastiff for up to 8 hours.
Alchemy Jug of Potent Spirits very rare
Algernon's Gloves of Temporary Sentience rare
All Seeing Eye Goggles legendary You have truesight out to a range of 60 feet, and you can use your action to ascertain specific information about creatures in this range.
Amber Songstone rare A bard can use this instrument to empower his or her Bardic Inspiration, and improve the DC of bard spells.
Ambrosia and Nectar very rare
Ammo Duplicator rare A tiny box that attaches to a weapon and duplicates any nonmagical ammunition that is in a weapon when you make a ranged attack with it.
Amulet of Construct Location uncommon You can expend a charge from this amulet to divine the presence and appearance of every nearby construct.
Amulet of Creation legendary
Amulet of Elements legendary While wearing this amulet, your Wisdom score is set to 25, you learn the shape water, mold earth, control flames and gust cantrips, and you can cast primordial ward once.
Amulet of Faith legendary When worn by a cleric or paladin, this amulet increases your Wisdom score and lets you add an extra portion of your Wisdom score to your spell save DC.
Amulet of Ooze Control very rare An amulet that allows you to take control of oozes, and while attuned, ordinary oozes will not attack you unless you threaten or harm them.
Amulet of Regeneration rare An amulet that allows you to heal yourself or others for 2d6 hit points, consuming one of five charges.
Amulet of Translation rare While wearing this amulet, you can speak and understand the vocal words of any language.
Amulet of Will lengedary This amulet helps to protect the wearer from nonmagical attacks. While wearing it, you can also cast several spells at will.
Angreal rare A spellcaster can expend charges from this small statue to regain expended spell slots.
Arcane Door rare
Arcane Lock Box uncommon
Arcanite (3.5e Equipment) very rare
Arcanum Spellbook very rare
Archbishop's Robes legendary These prestigious robes grant several powerful benefits, including bonuses to your spell save DC, your spell attack bonus, your Religion skill.
Archer Gloves legendary These gloves set your Dexterity score to 23 if it is lower, and empower attacks you make with longbows or shortbows.
Argent Blood legendary
Armbands of Prestidigitation rare These armbands give you the prestidigitation and mage hand cantrips and while worn, and give a +1 bonus on Dexterity checks.
Armor Assistant 9000 rare This magical cube assists those donning or doffing any armor within 10 feet of it, making it require only take 1 action.
Asedal's Extra-dimensional Hat rare
Augmented Artificer Assistant legendary
Azalith Plectrum rare
Azriel's Iron Horns legendary
Azule's Seashell rare When you use your action to thrown this tiny seashell, it will immediately seek out whichever nearby creature has the most hit points, then slam into it with a fiery explosion.
Azura's Star legendary
BAMF Belt rare
Bag of Bacon very rare This bag produces a never-ending supply of bacon.
Bag of Bags very rare
Bag of Colding uncommon This bag functions as a bag of holding that can perserve perishable items, but can't hold as much material.
Bag of Holding level V legendary A bag of holding that weighs close to nothing and has a 5,000lb carrying limit.
Bag of Transmutation legendary
Bag of Wizards very rare A thick woven cloth bag that contains small bipedal kitten spellcasters.
Banished One's Cloak very rare A cloak that will protect you from falling unconscious once and allows you to cast the teleport or dominate person spell once.
Bead of Harmless Force very rare A bead of force that deals no damage and instead just traps creatures.
Belt of Battle very rare Wearing this belt grants you advantage on initiative checks. You can expend charges from the belt to take extra, but limited actions as a bonus action.
Belt of Language Decoding common Wearing this belt over the course of a long rest gives you a random chance to temporarily understand a language of your choice until your next long rest.
Belt of the Grappler legendary The wearer of this belt gains several powerful enhancements to their grappling capabililties.
Blademaster Gloves legendary
Blanket of Warmness uncommon
Blindfold of Truesight legendary While wearing this cloth over your eyes, you can truesight out to a range of 120 feet, among other benefits.
Bloodstone legendary This stone allows you to take damage to empower your damaging spells.
Bombchu common This mouse-like explosive will travel rapidly in a straight line, and explode on impact with the first creature it touches.
Book of Living History legendary
Book of Unlimited Spellcasting uncommon This book increases the damage of your damaging cantrips.
Boots of Parkour Steadiness very rare Boots that grant a +2 bonus to Dexterity saving throws and Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks, advantage on saving throws against being knocked prone, and enhance your jump distance.
Boots of Swiftness legendary
Boots of the Iron Footed legendary Boots that grant advantage on checks to resist being pushed or moved, resistance to piercing damage, and make your kicks deal 1d8 additional damage.
Boots of the Red Rogue rare
Bottle of Bees uncommon
Bottled Bees uncommon Once per day, you can open this bottle to produce a swarm of bees that is friendly to you and your companions for 1 minute.
Bottled Water rare A bottle containing a small water elemental that can be used to put out large fires.
Bottomless Waterskin common This magical waterskin refills with fresh, pure water several times a day.
Bracelet of Guardian's Protection very rare A bracelet that grants the wearer a +1 bonus on saving throws from magic and allows you to cast the hunter's mark, identify, magic weapon, and elemental weapon spells.
Bracer of Inseparable Bonds very rare
Bracer of Silvering uncommon This silver bracer magically coats your ammunition with silver.
Bracers of Haste rare Once per day, you can use these bracers to cast an empowered version of haste on yourself.
Bracers of the Dawnbringer very rare
Branch of Connection very rare
Brand of the All Seeing very rare
Broken Shackles very rare
Bunny Hood rare The wearer of this hood becomes as spry and alert as a bunny, gaining several benefits.
Buyer's Guidebook legendary
Calibri Cards rarity varies
Can of Worms uncommon
Candle of Stabilty very rare While lit, this magical candle can allow you to effectively concentrate on two spells at once.
Canteen of Healing very rare You can drink the elixir from this magical canteen to immediately regain hit points. It partially refills each day at dawn.
Capturing Quartz legendary
Cardsharp's Deck uncommon
Censer of Remembrance rare or very rare
Chalice of Purification legendary Impure fluid drunk from this chalice becomes pure water. Pure water drunk from this chalice can become a potion of superior healing.
Chalice of the Feast rare
Charge Leech Symbiont legendary
Chest of Tiny Things rare
Chromatic Shoes rare Once per day, these shoes let you fly at high speed, but to maintain flight you cannot stop.
Clawed Symbiont very rare
Clawshot rare This gauntlet-like tool can be used to grab a creature or object from afar, and then either pull you towards the target or pull the target to you.
Cloak of Acid rare You can use this cloak to deal acid damage to those who hit you with melee attacks.
Cloak of Concealment rare You can use this cloak to become Invisible after wearing it for 3 hours.
Cloak of Death legendary This cloak gives you advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, and lets you cast finger of death once per day.
Cloak of Dragon Power very rare
Cloak of Gliding uncommon This cloak grants the wearer a glide speed of 60 feet and resistance to falling damage.
Cloak of Suspicious Yet Innocent Levitation rare A suspicious looking cloak that allows you to levitate off of the ground.
Cloak of Verna Mist rare
Cloak of Warmth uncommon
Cloak of the Fire Rat legendary A cloak that provides immunity to fire damage and 2 damage reduction to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
Cloak of the Innocuous uncommon
Cloak of the Mistwalker legendary
Closed Fist legendary
Coconut of Swift Movement rare or very rare
Coin of the Acrobat uncommon As a bonus action, you can activate this coin with a 50% chance to vastly improve your jumping capabilities until the start of your next turn.
Compass of the Trailblazer rare This device shows a small, illusory map of the area surrounding its current location, and greatly aids you in navigation.
Copy Cat legendary
Corrosive Bomb uncommon
Critical Helm uncommon A helmet that protects the wearer when struck by a critical hit, in exchange for breaking.
Crystal of Health rare
Crystal of Peace very rare
Cube of Rubik legendary
Deck Of Plenty, 1st Variant legendary
Deck of Greed legendary Thrice per century, you can draw a card from this deck and make a sacrifice to steal a random magic item from somewhere in the plane.
Deck of Many Things, Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 2nd Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 3rd Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 4th Variant legendary
Deck of the Assailant rare
Deku Nut uncommon By violently destroying this magic seed, you create a bright flash that can momentarily blind or incapacitate nearby creatures.
Dimensional Scissors rare
Din's Fire rare You can use this crystal to cast Din's fire, a spell which ignites enemies around you with magical flame.
Dowsing Stone common This stone acts like a magic compass, as it always draws towards a predetermined location.
Drachma Coins very rare
Dragon Gauntlet very rare This gauntlet grants resistance to one damage type, can empower your weapon attacks, and can detect dragons within a 10-mile radius.
Dust of Forgery uncommon
Dusty Ring uncommon This ring can be activated using an action to summon a dust mephit, who admires and obeys the one who summoned it.
Earcovers of A03 rare
Egg of Mystery rare
Enchanted Fistwraps uncommon These fistwraps magically enhance your unarmed strikes.
Enchanted Hour Glass uncommon
Estus Flask rare
Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie legendary
Eye of Paranoid Watching legendary
Eye of Watchfulness rare
Eye of the Beholder rarity varies
Falcon's Fist very rare While wearing this glove, you can execute an abnormally powerful unarmed strike that deals 4d6 fire damage.
False Flag uncommon
Fightstarters rare
Fingerprint Powder uncommon
Flask of many things legendary
Flói's Never Ending Pint legendary
Fortunate Cookies common
Gambler's Suit rare
Garfield Pouches common
Gauntlet of Silver King rare
Gauntlet of the Duel rare
Gauntlets of Flame uncommon You can use these gloves to cast flame blade several times per day.
Gauntlets of the Sea Behemoth legendary
Gauntlets of the Storm very rare
Gauntlets of the Unarmed Mage rare
Gem of Power legendary
Gem of the Genasi rare
Gem of the Wretched uncommon
Genie's Lamp legendary
Girdle of Gender uncommon
Giving Glove rare
Glass Cannon uncommon
Glasses of the Curator uncommon
Glove of Nilin uncommon
Gloves of Lethal Strikes very rare While wearing these gloves, your critical hits do even more damage.
Gloves of Object Returning rare Thrice per day, you can use these gloves to teleport an object into your hand, but only if it's within 60 feet and you recently held it.
Gloves of Parkour Nimbleness very rare
Gloves of Throwing rare
Gloves of Visible Surfaces uncommon
Gloves of the Juggernaut legendary
Gloves of the War Mage rare A pair of gloves that can make your ranged spell attacks more powerful.
Goggles of Identification uncommon Gloves that allow you to cast the identify spell on an object you can see.
Greasy Lantern common
Guardian Drone very rare
Guiding Light common While it is lit, this magic candle flickers towards the nearest exit, but it will only burn for 1 hour.
Hat of Commanding rare
Hawkeye rare This mask enhances your long-range visual clarity. Using it, you can attack beyond the normal range of ranged weapons without disadvantage.
Head of The Moon legendary
Heartache Locket rare
Hearthstone very rare
Helm of Hindsight uncommon Other creatures don't gain advantage on attacks rolls against you as a result of being hidden from you or for having an ally adjacent to you.
Helmet of Brain Protection legendary
Helmet of Time legendary
Hero's Hood legendary
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch legendary
Horn of Unyielding very rare
Hover Boots uncommon While worn, these boots cause your feet to float just above the ground on a thin cushion of force, which causes several effects.
Howl's Magical Doorway rare
Hunter's Bracers uncommon These bracers let you cast a more versatile form of the hunter's mark spell once per day.
Hypnotic Box rarity varies
Immortal King's Helm legendary
Immortal King's War Belt very rare
Immortal King's War Boots very rare
Immortal King's War Gauntlets legendary
Indigo Coat of Tears uncommon
Iron Boots common These abnormally heavy boots anchors you firmly to the ground while you wear them, which can be either beneficial or detrimental.
Jack's Foot legendary While you wear this necklace, you are proficient in all skills, tools, and saving throws, but each of your ability scores becomes 15 unless it was lower.
Jelly Boots uncommon You can use these boots to make special attacks that inflict acid damage. They can also reduce the falling damage you take.
Korok Leaf common You can swing this leaf like a giant two-handed fan to create magically powerful gusts of wind.
Levitation Bomb uncommon
Lightfingers Pack very rare
Lightning Badge rare If you take lightning damage, there's a chance it is reduced or redirected to another creature.
Living Slumber Jewel very rare
Lock of Deception uncommon
Lucky Ingot legendary
Mage Lens uncommon This item lets you cast a version of detect magic at will. If you are a wizard, it also halves the time needed to copy a spell into your spellbook.
Magic 8 Ball rare
Magic Mortar and Pestle rare
Magic Tinderbox legendary
Magical Prosthesis rarity varies
Magician's Hat legendary
Manipulative Matter rare
Mantle of Ashes very rare or legendary
Mantle of Tentacles very rare
Mantle of The Changeling rare
Marble of Liquid Storage common
Marksman's Badge very rare This badge grants a +2 bonus to ranged attack rolls. Once per day, you can choose for your ranged attack to hit instead of miss.
Mask of Abberant Word rare
Mask of Dragon Scales rare A mask that allows the wearer to gain the Breath Weapon of a dragonborn.
Mask of Hidden Identity rare Any divination spell that attempts to identify the wearer will automatically fail.
Masks of Forms rarity varies
Masque of Clavicus Vile legendary
Master's Crown legendary
Medallion of Ability Enhancement rarity varies
Melody Charm Bracelet uncommon
Memory Orb common You can store a telepathic sensory image into this orb, which can never be changed or removed.
Merfolk Tunic rare This tunic lets you breathe underwater, grants you a swimming speed of 40 feet, gives you cold resistance, and lets you ignore water pressure.
Meteoric Soul Flail very rare
Midas' Coin rare
Mirror of Scrying rare
Mistcloak rare You can use this cloak to cast a limited form of invisibilty on yourself at will.
Mobile Battle Wagon legendary
Mogma Mitts rare These gloves give you a modest burrowing speed. They can also be used as makeshift weaponry.
Monk's Belt rare
Monk Body Modification rare
Monkey's Paw legendary
Monster Door of Monsters legendary
Mordenkainen's Peddler Bag legendary
Muse Mirror rare
Mystery Seed uncommon You can destroy this seed by throwing it, which cases a random effect to occur.
Necklace of the Healing Faith very rare
Ochilles' Heels uncommon
Omnidress uncommon
Oni Hannya uncommon
Open Hand legendary
Orb of Antimagic legendary
Orb of Dar'Orahil rare
Orb of Destined Fate legendary
Orb of Health rare
Pants of Lower Body Strength very rare
Paraglider uncommon This transformable cloth contraption lets you slow yourself while falling, or glide long distances.
Pebble of Gluttony uncommon
Pegasus Boots uncommon These boots enhance your Dashing capabilities, and increase the distance of your running long jump.
Pendant of Memories very rare The wearer of this pendant has advantage on all saving throws that use Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
Pet farm rare
Petrification Orb very rare
Phantom Hourglass very rare or legendary This relic can grant a group immunity to necrotic damage, psychic damage, and fear. The legendary version can even stop time around you.
Pictograph Box uncommon This wondrous item can be used to cast pictograph, producing an image of what you can see on a piece of parchment.
Pitcher of Instant Moat rare, very rare or legendary
Plague Doctor's Outfit uncommon An outfit consisting of a long leather robe, gloves, and a doctor's hat that gives you advantage on saving throws against being poisoned and contracting a disease and resistance to any damage from airborne poison.
Planar Looking Glass rare
Polyippos legendary
Pop up Tent rare
Power Gloves common, uncommon, or rare These gloves may increase the weight the wearer can push, drag, or lift.
Prayer Beads of Tranquility rare These beads grant a monk additional ki points.
Prism Cloak very rare This cloak empowers your defenses, makes you more charismatic, lets you fly, and even allows you to cast both invisibility and prismatic spray.
Quake Medallion very rare Once per day, you can use this medallion to simultaneously cast a pair of powerful spells that debilitate creatures around you: spell and earthquake.
Quick Change Wardrobe rare A magical wardrobe that allows you to instantly change your attire as long as you remain within a certain distance of the wardrobe.
Quicksilver Gauntlets legendary
Quiver of Chaos legendary
Radnalek Eyepatch rare An eyepatch that randomly changes color every dawn. Each color grants resistance to a certain damage type and a +1 bonus to a certain skill.
Radnalek Parrot Statue rare
Rajhin's Mantle legendary
Ravenheart Robe legendary
Ravio's Bracelet legendary This magic bracelet protects you from certain spells, and allows you to merge into walls.
Reapers Instrument of The Bard rare
Red Chest of Conversing rare
Rickten's Instant Equipment uncommon
Robe of Avoidance rare This robe improves your AC, makes magic missiles less likely to hit you, and gives you advantage on attack rolls against attackers that miss you.
Robe of Rubik legendary
Robe of Shielding uncommon This shield lets you cast shield without preparing it ahead of time, but only if you can already cast the spell, and it still consumes a spell slot.
Robe of the Reaper very rare
Robes of the Ascended rare
Roc's Feather uncommon Whoever clutches this feather has enhanced jumping capabilities.
Rune of Muffled Noise common
Sand of Hours rare This item can be consumed to grant a creature immunity to necrotic damage, psychic damage, and fear. Alternatively, it can empower the Phantom Hourglass.
Scarf of the Journey very rare A scarf that grants the ability to long jump up sixty feet, gives a 10 foot bonus to your movement speed, and gives you a constant feather fall effect.
Scarf of the Vermilion Bird legendary
Seed Shooter common You can wield this pipe-shaped item as a ranged weapon. Its projectiles can bounce off walls at perfect angles.
Seed of the Forgotten rare
Seeker's Compass rare
Shadow Symbiont legendary
Shadowplay very rare
Shield Bracelet very rare When you are attacked by a spell, you can use your reaction to grant yourself a bonus to resist it by expending a charge from this bracelet.
Shikon no Tama legendary
Shiva Bracelets rare
Shock Rod rare
Shyster's Shell Game uncommon
Siege Drill very rare
Simulcrum very rare
Skeleton Key legendary Using this key, you can open any lock.
Skull Coin uncommon When you are reduced to 0 hit points, the coin may save you, but will disappear once it does.
Snakeskin Robe very rare While wearing this robe, you resist poison, can communicate with snakes, and once per day cause your melee weapon attack to deal extra poison damage.
Songbook rarity varies A bard can use this book to record and learn spells in a manner similar to the way a wizard uses a spellbook.
Soul Stone rare Once per day, this stone will recover some of your hit points if you fall unconscious.
Sparking Guitar very rare
Spectral Key legendary
Spell-snaring Gloves very rare
Spellwurm Symbiont very rare
Spelunker's Torch rare With this lit torch, you automatically spot traps and hazards within 20 feet of you, and you can identify if an object or creature is magical.
Spray On Armor rare You can use this can to instantly create and don up to five sets of nonmagical armor on yourself or other creatures.
Star of Shenanigans common
Stone Fists of the Ancients legendary
Stone of Domination rarity varies If you are a spellcaster, you can use this stone once per day to cast a certain dominate spell using your spell save DC.
Stone of the Buyer very rare Once and once only, you can use this stone to teleport directly to the plane of the buyer's market.
Storm Gauntlets rare While wearing these gauntlets, you have resistance to lightning damage, and can cast shocking grasp at will.
Subjugation Bands uncommon
Subtle Lute Strings rare
Sugar Snaps of Speed rare
Super Lamp uncommon
Swordmaster Gauntlets rare These gauntlets grant a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with longswords and shortswords.
Symbol of Justice very rare This holy symbol can be used to empower your melee attacks against undead, or cast protection from evil and good.
Talisman of the Little Reaper legendary
Tassels uncommon (+1), rare (+2), very rare (+3), legendary (+4) Tassels attached to a weapon grant a bonus to attack and damage rolls with it, while those attached to armor grant a bonus to the AC of the wearer.
Technicolor Dreamcoat rare While wearing this many-colored cloak, you can billow it to cast hypnotic pattern.
The Arcane Anvil rare An magical anvil that allows you to transfer the effects of one magical item to another.
The Crowned Eye uncommon
The Pitcher uncommon A leather gloves that enhances your throwing ability, allowing you to throw small objects at creatures at insane speeds.
The Tear of Boccom-Pink legendary
The Tear of Boccom-Red legendary
Thieve's Outfit legendary Clothes that giving the wearer a +3 bonus to checks with thieves' tools and all Deception, Investigation, Stealth, and Sleight of Hand checks.
Thinking Cap legendary While you are wearing this cap, you gain +1 bonus to your Armor Class and your Intelligence or Wisdom is set to 21.
Thunder Helm legendary While you wear this helmet, you have a +1 bonus to your AC, you are immune to lightning damage, and you have resistance to thunder damage.
Tier Chest of Storage uncommon A magical chest with 4 different locks, with each lock corresponding to a different inside.
Tina's Gloves uncommon Gloves that fill out a users digits, making it appear like the user has no missing fingers. In addition, these gloves allow you to cast mage hand.
TitanoBoa Taffy rare
Tome of Alteration legendary
Tome of Monster Knowledge very rare
Toothpick of Resistance Attack uncommon A toothpick that allows you to fire an energy beam, whose damage type is dependent on your resistances.
Topaz of Digging common Once per day, you can use this gem to instantly create a hole in an unoccupied space of natural, unworked soil or other loose earth within 30 feet of you.
Tracking Gauntlet very rare This lets you divine the quantity, species, size, and distance of all creatures of a type you specify, but reveals to those creatures your location and appearance.
Trap Activator uncommon A small wind up toy that walks forward and sends out a magical pulse, triggering all magical traps in a radius.
True Seeing Mirror rare A heavy mirror that allows you to see into the ethereal plane, as though you had truesight.
Twinkling Pipeweed common
Uifghx's Warrant rare
Valiant Helmet very rare This helmet bolsters your defense against fear and charms. Once per day, it can cast a more powerful heroism spell.
Vampire Cape very rare
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power rarity by figurine
Water Dragon Scale uncommon While wearing this amulet, you can float over solid ground, and use your swim speed on land in place of your base walking speed.
Wild Magic Pearls uncommon Magical pearls that when broken, create a random magical surge.
Wise Socks rare
Wizmagog's Tome of Ultimate Arcane Power uncommon
WorldKey legendary
Wraith's Cloak rare While wearing this cloak, you can use your bonus action to teleport up to 60 feet between shadows.
Wraith's Hood uncommon While wearing this hood, you have darkvision, and can disguise your face with shadows.
Wraith Leggings legendary While wearing these leggings, you are particularly difficult to notice, you can move faster in darkness, and once per day you can score critical hits more easily.
Zeus's Belt of Bolts uncommon This belt creates a supply of magic darts that deal extra lightning damage on a hit.

April Fools Wondrous Items

Wondrous Item Rarity Summary
Bottle of Suni-Dee rare A decanter filled with orange liquid that can be drank to restore 25 hit points and cure all diseases or be used to cast a variety of sun based spells.
Broom of Sweeping Legendary
Pants of Awesomeness legendary
Sneak-ers very rare
The Hat of the Preston rare

Incomplete Wondrous Items

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