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Wondrous Items

Wondrous Item Rarity
Alabaster Puppy common
Alchemy Jug of Potent Spirits very rare
Algernon's Gloves of Temporary Sentience rare
All Seeing Eye Goggles rare
Amber Songstone rare
Ambrosia and Nectar very rare
Ammo Duplicator rare
Amulet of Anubis legendary
Amulet of Construct Location uncommon
Amulet of Creation legendary
Amulet of Elements legendary
Amulet of Faith legendary
Amulet of Ooze Control very rare
Amulet of Regeneration rare
Amulet of Translation very rare
Amulet of Will lengedary
Angreal rare
Arcane Door rare
Arcane Lock Box uncommon
Arcanum Spellbook very rare
Archer Gloves legendary
Argent Blood legendary
Armbands of Prestidigitation rare
Armor assistant 9000 rare
Asedal's Extra-dimensional Hat rare
Augmented Artificer Assistant legendary
Auril's Kiss common
Azalith Plectrum rare
Azriel's Iron Horns legendary
Azura's Star legendary
BAMF Belt rare
Bag of Bags very rare
Bag of Colding rare
Bag of Holding level V legendary
Bag of Transmutation legendary
Bag of Wizards very rare
Banished One's Cloak very rare
Bead of Harmless Force very rare
Belt of Battle very rare
Belt of Language Decoding common
Belt of the Grappler legendary
Blademaster Gloves legendary
Blanket of Warmness uncommon
Blindfold of Truesight legendary
Blood-Soaked Cape legendary
Bloodstone legendary
Bombchu common
Book of Living History legendary
Book of Unlimited Spellcasting uncommon
Boots of Parkour Steadiness very rare
Boots of Swiftness legendary
Boots of the Iron Footed very rare
Boots of the Red Rogue rare
Bottle of Bees uncommon
Bottle of Suni-Dee rare
Bottled Bees uncommon
Bottled Water rare
Bracelet of Guardian's Protection very rare
Bracer of Inseparable Bonds very rare
Bracers of Haste rare
Branch of Connection very rare
Brand of the All Seeing very rare
Broken Shackles very rare
Bunny Hood rare
Buyer's Guidebook legendary
Calibri Cards rarity varies
Can of Worms uncommon
Candle of Stabilty very rare
Canned Air uncommon
Canteen of Healing very rare
Capturing Quartz legendary
Cardsharp's Deck uncommon
Censer of Remembrance rare or very rare
Chalice of Purification legendary
Chalice of the Feast rare
Charge Leech Symbiont legendary
Chest of Tiny Things rare
Chromatic Shoes very rare
Clawed Symbiont very rare
Clawshot rare
Cloak of Acid rare
Cloak of Concealment rare
Cloak of Death legendary
Cloak of Gliding uncommon
Cloak of Verna Mist rare
Cloak of Warmth uncommon
Cloak of the Fire Rat very rare
Cloak of the Innocuous uncommon
Cloak of the Mistwalker legendary
Cloak of the Ripper legendary
Closed Fist legendary
Coconut of Swift Movement rare or very rare
Coin of the Acrobat uncommon
Compass of the Trailblazer rare
Copy Cat legendary
Corrosive Bomb uncommon
Crawling Bracelet of Meenlock very rare
Crystal of Health rare
Crystal of Peace very rare
Cube of Rubik legendary
Dark Magic Stone rare
Dead-Eye's Eyepatch rare
Decidium Z legendary
Deck Of Plenty, 1st Variant legendary
Deck of Greed legendary
Deck of Many Things, Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 2nd Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 3rd Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty, 4th Variant legendary
Deck of Plenty legendary
Deck of the Assailant rare
Deku Nut uncommon
Demon Gauntlet very rare
Demonic Mask uncommon
Dimensional Scissors rare
Din's Fire rare
Dowsing Stone common
Drachma Coins very rare
Dragon Gauntlet very rare
Dust of Forgery uncommon
Dusty Ring uncommon
Earcovers of A03 rare
Egg of Mystery rare
Empty Genie's Lamp legendary
Enchanted Fistwraps uncommon
Enchanted Hour Glass uncommon
Estus Flask rare
Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie legendary
Eye of Expansion rare
Eye of Paranoid Watching legendary
Eye of Watchfulness rare
Eye of the Beholder rarity varies
False Flag uncommon
Feather Mask legendary
Fightstarters rare
Fingerprint Powder uncommon
Flói's Never Ending Pint legendary
Fortunate Cookies common
Gambler's Suit rare
Garfield Pouches common
Gauntlet of the Duel rare
Gauntlets of Flame uncommon
Gauntlets of the Sea Behemoth legendary
Gauntlets of the Storm very rare
Gauntlets of the Unarmed Mage rare
Gem of Power legendary
Gem of the Genasi rare
Gem of the Wretched uncommon
Genie's Lamp legendary
Giant's Mask uncommon or very rare
Girdle of Gender uncommon
Girdle of Levitation uncommon
Giving Glove rare
Glass Cannon uncommon
Glasses of Unyielding Attraction rare
Glasses of the Curator uncommon
Glove of Nilin uncommon
Gloves of Lethal Strikes very rare
Gloves of Object Returning rare
Gloves of Parkour Nimbleness very rare
Gloves of Throwing rare
Gloves of Visible Surfaces uncommon
Gloves of the Juggernaut legendary
Gloves of the War Mage rare
Goggles of Identification uncommon
Golden Lute uncommon
Good Luck Charm rare
Greasy Lantern common
Guardian Drone very rare
Guiding Light common
Hat of Commanding rare
Hawkeye rare
Healing Stick uncommon
Heartache Locket rare
Hearthstone very rare
Helm of Hindsight uncommon
Helmet of Brain Protection legendary
Hero's Hood legendary
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch legendary
Horn of Unyielding very rare
Hover Boots rare
Howl's Magical Doorway rare
Hunter's Bracers uncommon
Hypnotic Box rarity varies
Identified Cube uncommon
Immortal King's Helm legendary
Immortal King's War Belt very rare
Immortal King's War Boots very rare
Immortal King's War Gauntlets legendary
Indigo Coat of Tears uncommon
Iron Boots common
Jack's Foot legendary
Jackal Mask legendary
Jelly Boots uncommon
Korok Leaf common
Kotodama no Nenju uncommon
Levitation Bomb uncommon
Lightfingers Pack very rare
Lightning Badge rare
Lil' Gus uncommon
Living Slumber Jewel very rare
Lock of Deception uncommon
Lucky Ingot legendary
Mage Lens uncommon
Magic 8 Ball rare
Magic Mortar and Pestle rare
Magic Tinderbox legendary
Magical Prosthesis rarity varies
Magician's Hat legendary
Manipulative Matter rare
Mantle of Ashes very rare or legendary
Mantle of Tentacles very rare
Mantle of The Changeling rare
Marble of Liquid Storage common
Marksman's Badge very rare
Mask of Abberant Word rare
Mask of Hidden Identity rare
Masks of Forms rarity varies
Masque of Clavicus Vile legendary
Master's Crown legendary
Master's Multitool rare
Medallion of Ability Enhancement rarity varies
Melody Charm Bracelet uncommon
Memory Orb common
Merfolk Tunic rare
Mermaid Music Box legendary
Meteoric Soul Flail very rare
Midas' Coin rare
Mirror of Scrying rare
Mistcloak rare
Mobile Battle Wagon legendary
Mogma Mitts rare
Monk's Belt rare
Monk Body Modification rare
Monkey's Paw legendary
Monster Door of Monsters legendary
Mordenkainen's Peddler Bag legendary
Muse Mirror rare
Mystery Seed uncommon
Nayru's Love legendary
Necklace of Strangulation rare
Necklace of the Healing Faith very rare
Ochilles' Heels uncommon
Old Spice legendary
Oni Hannya uncommon
Onyx Champion's Mask very rare
Open Hand legendary
Orb of Antimagic legendary
Orb of Dar'Orahil rare
Orb of Destined Fate legendary
Orb of Health rare
Pants of Lower Body Strength very rare
Paraglider uncommon
Pegasus Boots uncommon
Pendant of Memories very rare
Petrification Orb very rare
Phantom Hourglass very rare or legendary
Pictograph Box uncommon
Pitcher of Instant Moat rare, very rare or legendary
Plague Doctor's Outfit uncommon
Planar Looking Glass rare
Polyippos legendary
Pop up Tent rare
Potion of Synchrilicy rare
Power Gloves common, uncommon, or rare
Prayer Beads of Tranquility rare
Quake Medallion very rare
Quick Change Wardrobe rare
Quicksilver Gauntlets legendary
Quiver of Chaos legendary
Radnalek Eyepatch uncommon
Radnalek Parrot Statue rare
Rajhin's Mantle legendary
Ravenheart Robe legendary
Reapers Instrument of The Bard rare
Red Chest of Conversing rare
Rickten's Instant Equipment uncommon
Robe of Avoidance rare
Robe of Rubik legendary
Robe of Shielding rare
Robe of the Reaper very rare
Robes of the Ascended rare
Roc's Feather uncommon
Rune of Muffled Noise common
Saddlebag of Holding uncommon
Sand of Hours rare
Scarf of the Journey very rare
Scarf of the Vermilion Bird legendary
Seed Shooter common
Seed of the Forgotten rare
Seeker's Compass rare
Shadow Symbiont legendary
Shield Bracelet very rare
Shikon no Tama legendary
Shiva Bracelets rare
Shock Rod rare
Shyster's Shell Game uncommon
Siege Drill very rare
Simulcrum very rare
Skeleton Key legendary
Skull Coin uncommon
Snakeskin Robe very rare
Sneak-ers very rare
Songbook rarity varies
Soul Stone rare
Sparking Guitar very rare
Spectral Key legendary
Spell-snaring Gloves very rare
Spellwurm Symbiont very rare
Spelunker's Torch rare
Star of Shenanigans common
Stone Fists of the Ancients legendary
Stone of Domination rarity varies
Stone of the Buyer very rare
Subjugation Bands uncommon
Subtle Lute Strings rare
Swordmaster Gauntlets uncommon
Symbol of Justice very rare
Talisman of the Little Reaper legendary
Tassels uncommon (+1), rare (+2), very rare (+3), legendary (+4)
Technicolor Dreamcoat rare
The Arcane Anvil rare
The Crowned Eye uncommon
The Hat of the Preston rare
The Pitcher rare
The Sealed Fist very rare
The Tear of Boccom-Pink legendary
The Tear of Boccom-Red legendary
The Watcher's Garb uncommon
Thieve's Outfit legendary
Thunder Helm legendary
Tier Chest of Storage uncommon
Tina's Gloves uncommon
TitanoBoa Taffy rare
Token of Desire very rare
Tome of Alteration legendary
Tome of Monster Knowledge very rare
Topaz of Digging common
Tracking Gauntlet very rare
Trap Activator uncommon
True Seeing Mirror rare
Twinkling Pipeweed common
Uifghx's Warrant rare
Valiant Helmet very rare
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power rarity by figurine
Vice Bracers rare
Water Dragon Scale uncommon
Wild Magic Pearls uncommon
Wizmagog's Tome of Ultimate Arcane Power uncommon
WorldKey legendary
Wraith's Cloak rare
Wraith's Hood uncommon
Wraith Leggings legendary
Zeus's Belt of Bolts uncommon

Incomplete Wondrous Items

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