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I’m Ref3rence. I’m relatively new to D&D, almost exclusively playing 5e for the past few years, and it seems like I do more editing than actually playing the game. I mostly edit derivative work, fitting with my namesake, but have made a handful of original pages. I typically focus on a single page at a time, which admittedly leads to a handful of WIP pages.

Things I’ve Worked on[edit]

The following are all for 5e, as it’s the system I’m most familiar with.

Malformed Goliath Half-Dragon (5e Race) (Created)

Everything in Halo (5e Campaign Setting) (Created) except Jiralhanae (major assistance)

A.I. (5e Race) (Major Contrib)

Prothean (5e Race) (Major Contrib)

Blue Coral Snake Bomb (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib)

Detective (5e Background) (Major Contrib)

Heroic Spirit (5e Class) (Major Contrib)

Homunculus (5e Class) (Created)

Item Handoff (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Mithril Pebble of Pig Smiting (5e Equipment) (Created)

Murasame, The Demon Blade (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib)

Magic Strike (5e Spell) (Created)

Berserk Stuff[edit]

Beast of Darkness (5e Creature) (Major Contrib)

The Black Swordsman (5e Creature) (Created)

The God Hand (5e Creature) (Created)

Dragonslayer, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Berserker’s Prosthetic Arm (5e Equipment) (Created)

Berserker Armor (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib)

Sylph Cloak (5e Equipment) (Created)

Sylph Sword (5e Equipment) (Created)

Wrist Bow (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib)

Miniature Explosive (5e Equipment) (Created)

Apostle (5e Class) (Created)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure[edit]

Human, Stand Variant (5e Race) (Created)

Stand User Variant (5e Class) (Major(?) Contrib)

OC Stands (5e Subclass) (Created)

Vampire, Stone Mask Variant (5e Class) (Created)

Pillar Men (5e Race) (Created)

Dragon Ball Stuff[edit]

Ki Fighter (5e Class) (Major Contrib)

Saiyan Fighter, Variant (5e Class) (Created)

Saiyan Fighter, 2nd Variant (5e Class) (Major Contrib)

Z Fighter (5e Class) (Created)

Ascended Saiyan (5e Class) (Created)

Namekian, Variant (5e Race) (Created)

Hover Pod (5e Equipment) (Created)

Frost Demon (5e Race) (Major Contrib)

Battle Armor, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Attack Ball (5e Equipment) (Created)

Scouter (5e Equipment) (Created)

Wish Dragon (5e Creature) (Created)

Dragon Ball (5e Equipment) (Created)

Android, 2nd Variant (5e Race) (Created)

DBZ Warrior (5e Background) (Major Contrib)

Bleach Stuff[edit]

Arrancar (5e Race) (Major Contrib)

Soul Reaper, Bleach Variant (5e Class) (Major Contrib)

Espada (5e Class) (Major Contrib)


Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) (Major Contrib)

Jinchuriki (5e Race) (Major Contrib)

Tailed Beasts (5e Creature) (Created)

Shukaku (5e Creature) (Created)

Matatabi (5e Creature) (Created)

Isobu (5e Creature) (Created)

Son Gokū (5e Creature) (Created)

Kokuō (5e Creature) (Created)

Saiken (5e Creature) (Created)

Chōmei (5e Creature) (Created)

Gyūki (5e Creature) (Created)

Kurama (5e Creature) (Created)

Seven Deadly Sins Stuff[edit]

Unlike my other derivative works, I haven’t actually watched this show, but the number of unkempt pages irritated me immensely. All of the following are major contribs.

Spirit Spear Chastiefol (5e Equipment)

Twin-Bow Herritt (5e Equipment)

Active Projects[edit]

Nomu (5e Class)

Homunculus (5e Class)

Halo (5e Campaign Setting)

Shinobi World (5e Campaign Setting)

Saiyan Archetypes[edit]







WIP Naruto Stuff[edit]



Cost: X chakra


This N’ That[edit]

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