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I’m Ref3rence. I’ve been playing TTRPGs for about the past 3 years, playing across quite a few systems, from UESRPG to Lancer to Path/Starfinder, but my bread and butter is still 5e. While I do more editing than actually playing the game, that gives me all the more time to figure out how to improve as a DM. I mostly edit derivative work, fitting with my namesake, but have made a handful of original pages. I typically focus on a single page at a time, which admittedly leads to a handful of WIP pages.

Things I’ve Worked on[edit]

The following are all for 5e, as it’s the system I’m most familiar with.

Personal Workspace

Malformed Goliath Half-Dragon (5e Race) (Created)

A.I. (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Prothean (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Blue Coral Snake Bomb (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Detective (5e Background) (Major Contrib.)

Heroic Spirit (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Grimoire User (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Mindflayer (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Sideshow (Anime Supplement) (Created)

Mithril Pebble of Pig Smiting (5e Equipment) (Created)

Murasame, The Demon Blade (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Magic Strike (5e Spell) (Created)

Infection (5e Disease) (Created)

Bleeding (5e Disease) (Major Contrib.)

Nen User (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Mech Pilot, 2nd Variant (5e Class) (Created)

Gunmen (5e Equipment) (Created)

Punisher's Cross (5e Equipment) (Created)

NRS-2 (5e Equipment) (Created)

Lunge Mine (5e Equipment) (Created)

Molotov Cocktail (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Zip .22 (5e Equipment) (Created)

Fire Extinguisher (Created)

Fire Extinguisher of Violence (5e Equipment) (Created)

Ultisword (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Variant Rule Stuff[edit]

Item Handoff (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Armor Modifications (5e Variant Rule) (Moderate Contrib.)

Weapon Modifications (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Cyborg traits (5e Variant Rule) (Major Contrib.)

Tiered Weapon Weight (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Additional Status Conditions (5e Variant Rule) (Moderate Contrib.)

Drinking (5e Variant Rule) (Moderate Contrib.)

Drugs and Medicines (5e Variant Rule) (Major Contrib.)

More Actions (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Stabilizing (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Better Mounts, Vehicles, and Ships (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Slightly Better Disarming (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Moving on Another Creature's Turn (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Player Equivalent CR (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Combination Weapons (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

No Saving Throws (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Jump Action (5e Variant Rule) (Created)

Berserk Stuff[edit]

Beast of Darkness (5e Creature) (Major Contrib.)

The Black Swordsman (5e Creature) (Created)

The God Hand (5e Creature) (Created)

Dragonslayer (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Dragonslayer, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Berserker’s Prosthetic Arm (5e Equipment) (Created)

Berserker Armor (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Berserker Armor, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Sylph Cloak (5e Equipment) (Created)

Sylph Sword (5e Equipment) (Created)

Salamander Dagger (5e Equipment) (Created)

Axe of the Gnomes (5e Equipment) (Created)

Skull Knight's Set (5e Equipment) (Created)

Wrist Bow (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Miniature Explosive (5e Equipment) (Created)

Sacrifice (5e Feat) (Created)

Apostle (5e Class) (Created)

Black Swordsman (5e Class) (Created)

Bleach Stuff[edit]

Arrancar (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Soul Reaper (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Espada (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Quincy (5e Class) (Major Contrib/Effectively Created)

Fullbringer (5e Class) (Created)

Dragon Ball Stuff[edit]

Ki Fighter (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Saiyan Fighter, Variant (5e Class) (Created)

Saiyan Fighter, 2nd Variant (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Z Fighter (5e Class) (Created)

Ascended Saiyan (5e Class) (Created)

Hover Pod (5e Equipment) (Created)

Frost Demon (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Battle Armor, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Attack Ball (5e Equipment) (Created)

Scouter (5e Equipment) (Created)

Wish Dragon (5e Creature) (Created)

Dragon Ball (5e Equipment) (Created)

Android, 2nd Variant (5e Race) (Created)

DBZ Warrior (5e Background) (Major Contrib.)

Fullmetal Alchemist[edit]

Homunculus (5e Class) (Created)

Philosopher of the East (5e Class) (Created)

Transmutation Alchemist (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Philosopher of the East (5e Class) (Created)

Automail Limb (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Hellsing Stuff[edit]

.454 Casull (5e Equipment) (Created)

Combat Pistol 'Jackal' (5e Equipment) (Created)

Harkonnen (5e Equipment) (Created)

Harkonnen II (5e Equipment) (Created)

Monofilament Wire (5e Equipment) (Major Contrib.)

Hellsing Special Ammunition (10) (5e Equipment) (Created)

Helena's Nail (5e Equipment) (Created)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stuff[edit]

Human, Stand Variant (5e Race) (Created)

Pillar Men (5e Race) (Created)

Stand User Variant (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Vampire, Stone Mask Variant (5e Class) (Created)

Hamon Warrior (5e Class) (Created)

OC Stands (5e Subclass) (Created)

My Hero Academia Stuff[edit]

Blood Quirk (5e Class) (Created)

Dark Shadow (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Explosion (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Electrification (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Hardening (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Half-Cold Half-Hot (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Permeation (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Nomu (5e Class) (Created)

One for All (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Naruto Stuff[edit]

Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Jinchuriki (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Jinchuriki, Variant (5e Race) (Created)

Tokyo Ghoul Stuff[edit]

Tokyo Ghoul (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Ghoul, Variant (5e Class) (Major Contrib.)

Ghoul, Variant (5e Race) (Major Contrib.)

Cannibal Ghoul (5e Class) (Created)

Major Contrib. Campaign Settings[edit]

The following list does not include header campaign settings.

Halo (5e Campaign Setting) (Created and Incomplete (Uninspired to return any time soon))

Fallout (5e Campaign Setting) (Created and Complete)

Metal Gear (5e Campaign Setting) (Major Contrib. and Incomplete)

The Walls (Attack on Titan) (5e Campaign Setting) (Major Contrib. and Incomplete)

World of Avatar: The Last Airbender (5e Campaign Setting) (Major Contrib. and Incomplete)

Anime (5e Campaign Setting) (Major Contrib. and Complete? (mostly just a place to keep things for future reference))

Campaign Settings I Might Contribute To[edit]

Demon Slayer (5e Campaign Setting)

Grand Line (5e Campaign Setting)

This N’ That[edit]

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