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Scouters are wearable, all-purpose computers used by military forces across the galaxy, only coming into civilian use recently. They are custom-built to fit their wearer perfectly. They consist of a hard shell with a soft interior that fits around one of the wearer’s ears, though two-eared models exist, that contains a speaker and microphone, as well as a number of exterior buttons. A thick, transparent lens is attached to the shell, which comes in a vast variety of colors and acts as a visual display.

Up to 6 creatures wearing scouters can communicate through them at up to 100 miles away. As a bonus action, a creature wearing a scouter can use it to scan a creature they can see to learn one of the following at the DM’s discretion:

  • Remaining hit points
  • Remaining ki or spell-slots
  • Armor class

Old model scouters can sense up to 130 hit points, 25 ki points, or 30 AC without exploding. New model scouters can sense up to 210 hit points, 40 ki points, or 40 AC without exploding.

Cost: 200 gp
Weight: 0.44 lbs

[A red scouter].
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