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Rating: 4 / 5
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Dragon Ball[edit]

Two brave warriors descend slowly from the sky, taking their places on craggy spires, a gi-sporting hero and a villain wearing impossibly advanced armor. After a verbal battle of wills, they take their stances, an aura of energy billowing around them, with even a lick of unrestrained power threatening the entire continent. A battle for the fate of the planet, and ultimately the galaxy, universe, and even that which is beyond the universe has began.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

While there are many options available, you already know what you're going to pick.
Robots, aliens, angels, demons, and even humans are a relatively common sight in the world of Dragon Ball.
Adventuring Gear
Background & Languages
The lives of those in the Dragon Ball universe are as varied as the universe itself.

World of Dragon Ball

The world of Dragon Ball is vast in both mechanics and lore, so much so that it will not be listed here. Instead, a DM may wish to peruse Dragon Ball's very own wiki to gain a better understanding of the minutia of this world.

In a world where capable fighters regularly dine on dinosaur, one needn't look far for a challenge.
Named characters from Dragon Ball stories already told.

Dungeon Master's Guide

List of magical items available in the setting.
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in the Dragon Ball universe.
Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within the setting.

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