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Adventure Sections[edit]

The following are events a party are likely to encounter.

Collecting the Dragon Balls[edit]

The quintessential Dragon Ball adventure, the party must collect a set of Dragon Balls. For every Dragon Ball in the set, roll 1d4. While various solutions are given, violence is often an equally potential option that can easily spin into its own mini-adventure.

1. Peaceful Landing[edit]

The Dragon Ball has fallen in a relatively peaceful, safe area. Roll 1d10.

  1. The Dragon Ball is in the center of a clear meadow, sitting gently and obviously on a gigantic flower. The surface of its petals are 20 ft. in the air, and are sturdy enough to hold a person. A player attempting to climb up the flower must succeed two DC 15 Athletics or Acrobatics checks in a row to climb the flower.
  2. The Dragon Ball is buried deep in a forest in a heavy, but small enough thicket to cause a Dragon Radar to be unable to pinpoint an exact location. After a successful DC 17 Investigation or Perception check, the ball is found.
  3. A deer has taken a particular liking to the Dragon Ball. It will attempt to evade the players who do not succeed a DC 18 Animal Handling check.
  4. The Dragon Ball has found its way into a jewelry shop selling it for a whopping 5,000 gp. It can be stolen with a successful DC 18 Sleight of Hand check.
  5. The Dragon Ball has found its way into the hands of a back-alley swindler who believes it to be a fake, selling it for a whopping 2,500 gp.
  6. Egad, a whole market of swindlers has Dragon Ball replicas, all being sold for 1,000 gp, but only 1 can be real. Each fake Dragon Ball has 5 hit points and AC. If destroyed, a swindler will demand the 1,000 gp anyway, potentially seeking government assistance.
  7. The Dragon Ball has sunk into a 900 ft. (3 minute swim with a swimming speed of 30 ft.) deep lake.
  8. 15 ft. below the surface, a new corral reef is beginning to grow in the ocean. It can be taken with a simple action at the cost of the reef, which could provide valuable tourism and science to the ocean's surrounding cities, or it can be slowly removed over 5 straight minutes of work, or 3 instances of 3 minute work.
  9. The Dragon Ball has landed in a small cave. Deep within the cave is a strange rice cooker that was once used as a vessel for the Mafuba. The party could just take the Dragon Ball and go, but who knows what's in there.
  10. The Dragon Ball is somewhere inside a jungle, but a crafty monkey has gotten its hands on the party's Dragon Radar. Monkey antics ensue.

2. Dangerous Landing[edit]

The Dragon Ball has fallen into a place which either readily has danger, or presents danger in order to get the ball. Roll one d12.

  1. A village elder has come into possession of one of the balls, but has an issue; The village has an infestation problem with large beasts, such as Giant Boars, Lions, or T-Rexs, and will give them the ball if they help the village out with said problem.
  2. A squadron of goons within a large city has gotten their hands on a Dragon Ball, and won't part with it willingly. Beating them oughta be simple, right..?
  3. The Dragon Ball in question seems to be inside of some monster's gut! It must've eaten it while having it's lunch. You could wait it out, or you could rough it up and make it cough it up.
  4. The ball has landed inside of a ravine, filled with a bunch of sharp spikes, traps, and army memorabilia. The place seems deserted, like the people who were here left, willingly or otherwise.
  5. The ball seems to be in possession of a Martial Art sensei, a Mystic, or otherwise a powerful figure for some place. They order you to fight their subordinates; For a win, you get the ball! For a loss, either money, servitude, or death...
  6. A group of Aliens (or a singular, strong one) have taken hold of a Dragon Ball, seemingly knowing of what it does. This could be bad for the Human race if they get a hold of them all, so you got to stop them! Or, at the very least, just nab the ball and leave them to someone else's hands.
  7. Inside of a large castle, filled with mazes and monsters galore, the ball resides within a vault containing other valuable treasures.
  8. Around an active volcano site, the Dragon Radar beeps. It could be inside of the volcano, but you should hope it isn't actually in the lava.
  9. The radar shows it's nearby, but you can't find any ball in sight! Then, you notice a metal hatch which leads to a shiny, cold ladder, leading to a dark descent. The ladder leads to a laboratory, the ball being guarded by a mechanical terror.
  10. A gaggle of miscreants have a hold of one of the balls, planning for world domination with their wish! You could probably wipe them off the face of the earth in a breeze, but their high-powered tech keeps you on watch.
  11. A kid has hidden a ball, and you can't seem to find it. His demand is simple; you take down some private militia, led by a Colonel or General something-or-other. Unless you want to tear apart a town looking for a ball, you better follow what he says.
  12. You follow the radar's beeps and boops until you run into a cavern entrance, leading to some kind of hideout. Clearly, those residing in it seem to not think highly of you entering, and all aware of you try to attack. One of these folk has to have the ball on them, surely!

3. Hostile Landing[edit]

The Dragon Ball has fallen into a place where it's claim is likely already contested. Being in such a place is dangerous enough, but actively trying to obtain the ball is another story. Roll one d12.

  1. Somehow, the ball has stumbled into civil war! Neither side has noticed, but trying to get your hands on it will likely lead to drawing fire from both.
  2. The local government has already taken the ball, and it's on the move to a treasury. If you can't intercept the heavily armed convoy, prying it from the facility is a much more daunting task.

4. Discovered Landing[edit]

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