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Wondrous Item, rare

Dragon Radars are devices made to make looking for the dragon balls possible, as finding the the scattered dragon balls without having a general idea of where they are is nigh impossible.

  • As an action, you can turn the radar On or Off. While the radar is on, you know the direction, but not exact location, of any Dragon balls on the planet you're currently on as long as you're looking at the radar.
  • Additionally you can also press the button on the top as an action, making the radar give you a detailed map of a 1000 foot radius area of the closest surface to the radar, originating from the radar.
  • The radar cannot sense a dragon ball completely blocked by lead on all sides.
  • Someone with an Intelligence score of 20 or higher can upgrade a Dragon radar over the course of a long rest to remove the planet restriction and cause it to detect any dragon ball in your current universe.

Mechanical. Dragon Radars aren't actually magical, but mechanical and therefore are not effected by anti-magic fields but effected by anything that stops devices from functioning.

A Dragon Radar.

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