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Effectively any background from official materials or homebrew, excluding those directly relating to specific groups, such as those from Baldur's Gate or Elysium Knight. Additionally, Dragon Ball is a relatively light-hearted series, so while planetary annihilation and global genocide may be at risk, the nature of man typically is not.


Almost all creatures can speak Common, and it has a common script across all planets and universes. Originating from Zeno himself, it was passed down unto the kais, and further onto their creations.

Exotic Languages[edit]

Very few creatures speak even a single exotic language, as they are typically reserved for a gods or created as a safety measure for a specific race.

  • Language of the Gods - spoken only by gods, the "Divine Language" is almost indecipherable to mortal ears, and takes years to learn. There is no phrase for "easy peasy" in the Language of the Gods.
  • Namekian - Constructed by the Namekians to ensure that only they had access to Porunga's power.

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