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Design Note: This campaign setting contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan series.

The Walls[edit]

"That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them, and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage..." For 100 years, Humanity lived behind 3 giant walls, each one surrounding the last. They protected Humans from the threat of the Titans, giant, mindless aberrations with an appetite for human flesh. Only the scout regiment, the bravest of humanity would dare go outside the walls to face them head on. For 100 years, humanity remained at peace. Until one day, life in the walls would be changed forever.

Setting-Specific Rules[edit]

These aren’t really rules, but more of suggestions on how to run a campaign in this setting. First off, you should probably be variant Humans, because that’s the only race in this setting. Secondly, your main enemy in this campaign are Titans, which will most likely kill you in one hit, so instead of rolling a main character like Eren or Armin and following the storyline in the Anime, try being your own character that can be lost at a moments notice. That’s not to say your character shouldn’t have any personality, but remember that this is a show where a lot of people die. And if your character does die, try to see how it comes into play with the other characters. Third, use the Titanshifter class, as it is the only class for this Campaign Setting.

History of the Walls[edit]

2,000 years ago, Ymir Fritz came across the source of all organic life (either God or The Devil, take your pick). She made a deal with that supernatural, and she became the first Titan shifter. She possessed the ability to turn into a giant monster at will. Ymir could also transform others of her kind into mindless, man-eating Titans. Using the power of the Titans, Ymir leads her ethnic group, the Eldians in a war against their rivals, the Marley. But only the Eldians possessed the power to turn into Titans, mindless or not. So Ymir turned thousands of her people into Titans to destroy the Marley and take over the continent. She succeeded, and the Eldians became the dominant race in the known world. 13-years after gaining her powers, Ymir mysteriously died. The nine (9) leading families in Eldia divided up her body and ate it (ew). By doing so, they inherited the nine (9) titan powers. I’m going to rank these from lamest to coolest: The Cart Titan, The Jaws Titan, The War Hammer Titan, The Beast Titan, The Attack Titan, The Female Titan, The Colossal Titan, and The Armored Titan. Each of these nobles could transform into their respective Titans, and each had their own unique abilities. The nobles took over the continent, each wanting more power. They knew that the Titans were the key to victory against each other. But you’ll notice I missed one Titan: The Founding Titan. This Titan was stronger than any other Titan. Only a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz herself could use its powers.

1,900 years later, things were pretty much the same. The eight (8) houses of Eldia squabbled for power, while the founding titan remained in command. If the other Houses got too powerful, the Fritz family would threaten to end the world with the Founding Titan power. Eventually, the 145th inheritor of the Founding Titan got tired of all the squabbling for power and moved the capital to the island of Paradis (Pronounced “Paradise”). Suddenly, there was a power vacuum. The Founding Titan that had kept the eight (8) houses in line was removed. But remember the Marley? After seeing the thing that stole their land from them leave, they took the opportunity to take back what was theirs. The Great Titan war began. Because the Eldians were caught off guard, the Marley Succeeded in taking seven of the eight (7 out of 8) houses, with the other one going into hiding. The Eldians had lost the main continent. Realizing the war was lost, the Fritz family ordered all Eldians that could make it to go to Paradis. Using the Founding Titan Power, he turned Hundreds of thousands of Eldians into Colossal Titans. Their skin hardened, and with no access to sunlight, the Colossal became the Walls. The Marley found that if Titan spinal fluid was injected into Eldians, they would change into mindless Titans. They released thousands of these Titans around the Walls. In response, the Fritz King used the founding Titan to wipe the memories of every Eldian in the wall to make them think they were the only survivors of a devastating apocalypse.

100 years later, the Colossal Titan appeared and kicked down the entrance to Shiganshina, a district on Wall Maria, the outer Wall. Minutes later, the Armored Titan broke down through Wall Maria. Titans entered, and the outer wall had to be evacuated.

This guy can explain it much better than I can —>

Life in the Walls[edit]

“And just like that, everything changed. At that terrible moment, in our hearts, we knew. Home was a pen. Humanity, the cattle.” Like the man says, nobody wanted to live behind the walls. The dream of humanity was to go behind the walls, which was only ever realized by the Scout Regiment. Even then, deaths of soldiers reached up to as high as 30% per mission. The Scout Regiment soon took it’s place as humanities joke, and wanting to join their ranks is seen as shameful.

The three walls also separate social classes. The outermost wall, Wall Maria, houses the poor, and those with tougher jobs, such as farming. Wall Rosa, the middle wall has businessmen, commoners, and hunters. After the fall of Wall Maria, thousands of refugees flooded in, overcrowding the wall. They were sent to cultivate the land, turning hundreds of miles of land into farming space. At the center of it all, Wall Sina. The rich, Royal, and pampered live here. There is a underground city that housed the citizens of Wall Rosa when it was temperarly breached by the Beast Titan.


The military is divided into 3 branches, The Scout Regiment, The Garrison, and The Military Police. Before Cadets join any of these branches, they join the Cadet Corps at a young age, usually ages 12-13. They undergo vigorous training, and are subjugated to harsh conditions by the crazy Sargent. At the end of their three year training, the Cadets are ranked against each other, and the top ten are eligible to join the Military Police. There are four Cadet Corps behind wall Rosa, one for each cardinal direction.

The Scout Regiment, or Survey Corps, is the branch that goes outside the wall and tries to reclaim land from the Titans. Death rates soar as high as 30% per mission, but those who survive become the strongest and most experienced Titan killers ever. Masters of 3DM gear, they are lead by commander Erwin Smith. Erwin, along with Scout Scientist Hange Zöe and captain Levi Ackerman have fought countless battles and killed dozens of Titans. The scout regiment has special bred horses that can travel faster than normal horses, so for in game purposes horses used by the Survey Corps have a speed of 70 ft.

The Garrison is the branch that defends the wall against Titan attacks and acts as a general peace keeping force in cities in the wall. The Garrison is the most popular choice for outgoing Cadets because it is the least dangerous. In fact, many of the Garrison soldiers become lazy or addicted to drinking because they don’t have much to do. However, after the breach in wall Maria, the commander of the southern division of the Garrison, Dot Pyxis, cracked down on wasting resources and outfitted the walls with new cannons to better deal with Titans. Every Garrison soldier knows how to operate cannons and siege weapons because of this.

The Military Police are supposedly the best of the best. Only the top ten Cadets of each class are eligible to join. Their job is to protect the king and make sure Government business are safe. But unlike the Survey Corps who regularly practice their skills, the Military Police rarely see danger, and are often out of practice to the point of not being able to properly fasten their 3DM gear.


Name CR
Aot Abnormal Titan 12
AoT Small Titan 8
AoT Titan 12
Armored Titan 18
Attack Titan 17
Beast Titan 20
Cart Titan 15
Colossal Titan 45
Jaws Titan 15
Mindless Titan 8
Scout Regiment Soldier 8
Titan, Variant
War Hammer Titan 15

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