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Player Equivalent CR[edit]

Anyone could tell you that 5e's CR is a little broken. With this variant rule, all creatures are built from the ground up as player characters. This variant rule is intended to replace 5e's base CR, and thus is not readily applicable to every campaign.

When balancing an encounter, an equal number of equal level creatures to the party gives either party a 50/50 shot of winning (though certain other variant rules could flip favor in either direction. For every creature removed on either side, the remaining creatures' levels on the same side increase by 2, and for every creature added, the remaining creatures' levels decrease by 2.

A 3v4 of equal level should largely be balanced in the way 5e intends creatures to be, following the above guidelines for variation, while a 5v4 of equal level is incredibly meat-grindery for players.

Below is an overview of non-setting specific creatures using this variant rule.

Name CR Speed Size Type Alignment
Goro Majima 13 45 ft. Medium Humanoid Chaotic Neutral
Goro Majima, Young 11 30 ft. Medium Humanoid Chaotic Good
Kiryu Kazuma 14 30 ft. Medium Humanoid Neutral Good
Kiryu Kazuma, Young 12 30 ft. Medium Humanoid Neutral Good
Mr. Shakedown 14 15 ft. Large Humanoid any non-good alignment
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