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Intoxication Threshold[edit]

Each character has a "Intoxication Threshold" that is equal to your CON mod + 1/2 the players level (round down) + Proficiency (if proficient in CON saves). Once a player reaches this threshold they are granted "Liquid Courage".

Liquid Courage[edit]

Liquid Courage grants the player the following effects for 1 hour:

  • +5 temp HP
  • Grants Advantage on STR checks and CHA checks.
  • Advantage on Fear saves.
  • Disadvantage on Charm saves.
  • Causes disadvantage on INT checks and WIS checks.

After the Threshold[edit]

Furthermore, the player must make a CON save after each drink consumed past their threshold. The DC is equal to 8+the amount of drinks they've consumed.

  • After 1 failure, the player now also has disadvantage on all skill checks and attacks.
  • After 2 failures, the player now has disadvantage on all saves.
  • After 3 failures in a 4 hour period, the player blacks out for 1d4 hours.
  • Each success in a 4 hour period, increases the duration by 20 minutes.
  • The DC decreases naturally by 1 for each hour passed after the first hour until the DC goes back to 10, so long as the player does not continue drinking.

Blacking Out[edit]

The DM rolls on the Carousing table in the DMG (pg 128). Through a series of skill checks and clues, the player(s) can attempt to find out what happened in this span of time. Blacking out DOES NOT count towards a rest of any type. The player suffers one level of exhaustion upon waking up.

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