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Wondrous item, artifact

Across the world are 7 magic crystal balls. While size varies from set to set, they range from the size of baseballs to basketballs. Each ball is made of orange crystal with a number of red stars in a disc representing which ball it is. Once an entire set is collected, they begin to glow in a pulsing, yellow light. Someone must then call upon the Wish Dragon that inhabits the balls by name.

Wish Granting

When a dragon is called, it can grant up to 3 wishes, as per the wish spell. Resurrecting more than 1 creature requires 2 wishes, but there is no upper limit to this. Wishes are answered in the exact manner wished by the wisher, thus avoiding a “monkey’s paw” scenario,allowing for much greater effects then the wish spell. The dragon grants the first complete wish spoken.

All 7 Dragon Balls.

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