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About me[edit]

It is said that when one come from the farthest of places, then he is bound to be Stranger. Now I come from the farthest places which D&D is not known, does that make me Stranger to you?!!!

For that I wish to brake that habit by telling you my name, Abdullah AL Ghanimi.

Things to Do (Ideas that are to Crazy to make)[edit]

  • Races:
  • Dark Folk/Dark Stalkers
  • Dragons A Race of dragons that are able to take a mortal form.
  • Gith Same as the Gith from the MM book.
  • Kalashtar Kalashtar are not so much a race as they are an exalted or evolved human.
  • Lionards A race made of spartan like lions.
  • Shadar-kai You know what.
  • Synad Aberrations who have multiple minds inside of them.
  • Worgen An entire race wolf transformed men.
  • Siege Equipments:
  • Gun Mantlet A version of a tank.
  • Creatures:
  • Al-Mi'raj A crazy rabbit with a horn, and eat any creature. (Not Joking, search for it.)
  • Aspect Creatures of immense powers representing a certain aspect of the world such as nature, time, magic, or honor.
  • Aurumvorax Powerful muscles ripple beneath the golden fur of this small yet fearsome eight-legged beast.
  • Barghest A lupine fiend that can take the shape of a wolf or a goblin.
  • Buraq A creature similar to Pegasus, it is smaller and with a human face.
  • Einherjar Holding a massive battleaxe and shield, this tall, helmed warrior is grim and fierce.
  • Garuda A four winged bird.
  • Geryon Three headed giant with six arms.
  • Ladon Multiple headed dragon.
  • Sleipnir The lord of all horses, ridden by Odin himself.
  • Orthrus Two headed dog with scorpions tail, Cerberus brother.
  • Peri This beautiful albino woman is wreathed in wings of brilliant flame.
  • Raiju A blue-furred, fox like creature, with lightning abilities.
  • Scylla This horrifying creature has the upper body of a beautiful woman, but a lower body of snapping wolf heads and writhing tentacles.
  • Simurgh A loyal dog that have the wings of a bird.
  • Udaeus This armored humanoid has skin resembling white bone, carved with images of weapons and dragons.
  • Magical Items:
  • Chrysaor Three headed trident.
  • Sharur A magical talking mace from the Sumerian legends.
  • Zulfiqar A sword sent from the Heavens to the Prophet Muhammad and given to Ali ibn Abi Talib.

In the works[edit]

Things I might or might not finish:

  • Races:
  1. Demigod (5e Race)
  2. Eredar (5e Race)
  3. Ethereal (5e Race)
  4. Orc (5e Race)
  5. Skeleton (5e Race)(with J.bookworm)
  6. Spirit Cursed (5e Race)
  7. Ysgardian (5e Race)
  • Classes:
  1. Combat Engineer (5e Class)(with Syaoran05)
  2. Inquisitor (5e Class)
  3. Knight (5e Class)
  4. Marksman (5e Class)
  5. Oathbreaker (5e Class)(with Marasmusine)
  6. Overlord (5e Class)
  7. Priest (5e Prestige Class)
  8. Warlord (5e Class)
  • Archetypes:
  1. Blade Master (5e Archetype)
  2. Gladiator (5e Archetype)
  3. Inferno (5e Archetype)
  4. Oath of The Chaplain (5e Archetype)
  5. Oath of The Justiciar (5e Archetype)
  6. Oath of The Silver Hand (5e Archetype)
  7. Oath of The Templar (5e Archetype)
  8. The Abyssal Touched (5e Archetype)
  9. Way of Nine Gates of Hell (5e Archetype)
  10. Way of The Scholar Blade (5e Archetype)
  • Backgrounds:
  1. Mercenary (5e Background)
  2. Royalty (5e Background)
  • Creatures:
  1. Aarakocra Sky Lord (5e Creature)
  2. Airuzhar (5e Creature)
  3. Ancient Golem (5e Creature)
  4. Ancient Stag Centaur (Guardian Stagtaur) (5e Creature)
  5. Archdemon (5e Creature)
  6. Armed Sentinel (5e Creature)
  7. Cerberus (5e Creature)
  8. Devilbound (5e Creature)
  9. Echidna (5e Creature)
  10. Enchanted Chain (5e Creature)
  11. Eurystheus Boar (5e Creature)
  12. Fenris Wolf (5e Creature)
  13. Feywild Hippogriff (5e Creature)
  14. Gladiator Champion (5e Creature)
  15. Gronn (5e Creature)
  16. Honor Guard (5e Creature)
  17. Iaoth (5e Creature)
  18. Infernal (5e Creature)
  19. Leviathan (5e Creature)
  20. Mechanical Golem (5e Creature)
  21. Nemarutt (5e Creature)
  22. Skeleton Knight (5e Creature)
  23. Sky Serpent (5e Creature)
  24. Squire (5e Creature)
  25. Ogre Warlord (5e Creature)
  26. Ophanim (5e Creature)
  27. Ooze, Arcane (5e Creature)
  28. Pathiel (5e Creature)
  29. Rider (5e Creature)
  30. Royal Guard (5e Creature)
  31. Runic Golem (5e Creature)
  32. Taragorn (5e Creature)
  33. Wendigo (5e Creature)
  34. Wight Tyrant (5e Creature)
  35. Xaphan (5e Creature)
  36. Xenoling (5e Creature)
  37. Zapperyuh (5e Creature)
  • Feats:
  1. Indomitable Rager (5e Feat)
  2. Last Breath (5e Feat)
  3. Risen Determination (5e Feat)
  • Magical Items:
  1. Blade Master Sword (5e Equipment)
  2. Faithkeeper, Crusader of Heroes (5e Equipment)
  3. Frostmourne (5e Equipment)
  4. Goldenor, Vanquisher of Kings (5e Equipment)
  5. Gorehowl (5e Equipment)
  6. Green Serpent (5e Equipment)
  7. Kings Killer (5e Equipment)
  8. Royal Weapon (5e Equipment)
  9. Rune Armor (5e Equipment)
  10. Rune Weapon (5e Equipment)
  11. Sharur (5e Equipment)
  12. Sword and Gantlet of The Prince (5e Equipment)
  13. Symbol of Faith (5e Equipment)
  14. Tomebringer (5e Equipment)
  15. Weapon of Smiting (5e Equipment)
  • Weapons:
  1. Gaunlet (5e Equipment)
  • Rules:
  1. Extra Conditions (5e Variant Rule)
  • Spells:
  1. Construct Homunculus (5e Spell)
  2. Dark Abyss (5e Spell)
  3. Divine Armor (5e Spell)
  4. Eversion (5e Spell)
  • Deities:
  1. Dairlon (5e Deity)
  • Quests:
  1. Under Siege (5e Quest)
  • Others:
  1. Taxes (DnD Other)

My 5e stuff[edit]

Things that I finished and you must try:

  • Races:
  • Subraces:
  • Archetypes:
  • Creatures:
  • Feats:
  • Armor:
  • Weapons:
  • Adventuring Gear:
  • Siege Equipments:
  • Magical Items:
  • potions:
  • Rules:
  • Spells:
  • Epic Boons:
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