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Adventure Background[edit]

This adventure is designed for a party of four level one characters that are new to DnD in general. Its purpose is to introduce new players to the combat system of DnD 5e with the help of DM controlled allies. The setting is the city of Dargof, which is ruled by an oppressive regime of Half-Dragons led by an extremely powerful Ancient Red Dragon. The player characters are dragged into the rebellion of Dargof's citizens against their tyrannical, draconic overlords.

Story Hook[edit]

The PCs begin the adventure in Dargof. The whispers of armed revolution have by no means gone unnoticed by the dragons, who bolster their security with the party in a desperate preventative measure. The PCs begin the adventure just after being hired by half-dragons into a weapon factory.

First Day On the Job[edit]

Read: When you enter the forge, your senses are immediately assaulted by the pungent smell of molten ore and the cacophony of clanging metal. A large man in a black uniform calls out to you, "Oi! This ain't a tourist attraction we're runnin' here! What in the Nine Hells do you want?!" The pandemonium inside the place grinds to a halt at the provocation of the uniformed man. None of these workers are happy to see you. The players may attempt a Persuasion check to defuse the situation. Regardless of the outcome, the PCs' employer, a yellow Half-Dragon, approaches the uniformed worker and claps him on the shoulder. "Calm yourself, human. They are here with my approval." He then ushers you down through a long hallway, at the end of which is a workstation where two more black uniformed workers are pounding away on anvils. Your employer says, “These two are Con and Cull. Hopefully, they won't cause you too much trouble." The Half-Dragon bids you farewell and returns to his post. The two men size up the party and then return to work. Throughout the day, there is an unusual movement of weapons and men inside the compound. Knowing nothing of the rebellion about to take place, the player characters remain ignorant to the significance of these actions. The workday at the forge takes place between the hours of 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Roll a percentile die for each 3 hours spent there to determine random events (use the "Something Happens!" table or the random encounter table in the DMG if you are unable to think of any suitable things for the party to do. Alternatively, you can skip ahead to the next part). Each player earns 10 sp each for the day's wages.

The Sparks Of the Revolution[edit]

Read: After your shift, Cull invites you to his favorite tavern to discuss something important with you. He asks you to meet him there. Con is nowhere to be found. When you arrive, it is quite apparent that Cull is intoxicated. When you sit down at his table, you can tell he's been crying. He leans in close. You can smell the ale on his breath. "The scaly bastards are about to get what's comin' to 'em," he says to you. "Tomorrow at noon, we're takin' our lives back from these heathens. I figured you'd oughta know, seein' as you're new 'round 'ere and I wouldn't want you to get hurt. But, let's not speak o' this to the dragons, yeah?" At the end of that sentence, he smiles to himself, pantomimes locking his mouth, then throws away the key. Cull says no more on the subject, even if prodded. At this point, the players are free to leave the tavern and roam Dargof's markets to purchase equipment. To progress to the next stage, the party needs to regroup at a local inn and take a long rest.

Carpe Diem![edit]

On the player's second day on the job, they have a choice to make when the uprising begins. The party needs to decide whether to support the rebel workers or the guards employed by the Half-Dragons. On factory guards side: 7 guards (use Bandit stats from the MM) and one guard captain (use Bandit Captain stats from the MM) On rebel side: 14 rebel workers (use Commoner stats with improvised weapons from the MM)


100 XP each, in addition to whatever XP they gain from the guards or commoners, as well as random loot (stolen from the enemy) from the low tier treasure table in the DMG.


The players have participated in a skirmish that may foreshadow a full scale civil war.


The PCs are awarded enough experience to level up and may now attempt more challenging adventures.

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