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I mostly post my work on Reddit now. I will continue to update here occasionally, but anyone interested in seeing more current work can find it there. My Reddit username is /u/OwenLeaf. A warning - be prepared to dig through several pages of comments about drums and various other things.

Who is this 'OwenLeaf'?[edit]

In real life, I am Owen [last name redacted]. I am a second-degree black belt in karate, a drummer, an author, and, of course, an avid D&D player. Oh, and did I mention I'm sixteen?

My username has been OwenLeaf for almost as long as I can remember. I don't know why. It has nothing to do with my real name or anything like that. It just, well, happened.

I first got interested in D&D two years ago, when I saw, just by chance, the 5e Basic Rules on the internet. I remembered that my dad had enjoyed the game when he was my age, so I downloaded the rules. I read them cover to cover. When I finished, I did it again. I was entranced by the world of D&D. I had always loved fantasies and science fiction, and, although I love video games, I had always thought they were too, well, constraining. Because of this, I don't like playing in premade campaign settings. I make my own worlds, which is also a great creative exercise for writing my novel. I prefer to DM, but when I do play, I am currently using: Legion, a Warforged Paladin 2/Templar (reflavored Hexblade) 6, Jacques des Rois, a lvl. 2 Human Rogue (soon-to-be Swashbuckler), and Zach, a lvl. 3 Human Way of the Open Hand Monk (reflavored as a street-fighter).

A novel? What kind of novel?[edit]

The novel I am working on is called the Ring of Umaroth. It is (of course) a fantasy, but a bit grittier than average in terms of magic. I may even post some of the magic items/artifacts from my novel on the Homebrew sections of the Wiki.


5th Edition:

Blueveined (5e Race)

Broken Sword (5e Equipment) *

Captain's sword (5e Equipment) *

Stone Bolt (5e Spell)

Stonefists (5e Spell)

Staff of Knowledge (5e Equipment)

Sapphire Hail (5e Spell)

The Oculus (5e Equipment)

Magical Deflect (5e Spell)

Oath of the Eternal Flame (5e Archetype)

Annihilation (5e Spell)

Jaenseth (5e Deity) (incomplete)

Ooze Bloodline (5e Archetype)

Stormborn (5e Race)

And various other edits to other pages.

To-do List[edit]

1. Finish and touch up Ooze Bloodline (5e Archetype).

2. Finish Jaenseth (5e Deity).

3. Finish The Oculus.

4. Finish Jaenseth's pantheon.

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