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Summon Monster
1st Level
Fiendish dog (animal) LG
Fiendish badger (animal) CG
Fiendish dire rat (animal) LE
Fiendish hawk (animal) CE
2nd Level
Celestial eagle (animal) CG
Formian Worker (outsider) LN
Lemure (devil) LE
Fiendish squid (animal) LE
Fiendish wolf (animal) LE
Fiendish shark, Medium-size (animal) NE
Fiendish viper, Tiny (animal) CE
Fiendish hyena (animal) [treat as CE wolf (animal)]
Fiendish octopus (animal) CE
3rd Level
Celestial bear, black (animal) LG
Celestial bison (animal) NG
Triton (outsider) NG
Celestial dire badger (animal) CG
Azer (outsider) LN
Elemental, Small (elemental) N
Thoqqua (elemental) N
Fiendish dire weasel (animal) LE
Fiendish gorilla (animal) LE
Fiendish snake, constrictor (animal) LE
Fiendish boar (animal) NE
Fiendish dire bat (animal) NE
Fiendish lizard, giant (animal) NE
Salamander, Small (animal) NE
Fiendish shark, Large (animal) NE
Fiendish viper snake, Small (animal) CE
Fiendish crocodile (animal) CE
Dretch (demon) CE
Fiendish leopard (animal) CE
Fiendish wolverine (animal) CE
4th Level
Lantern archon (celestial) LG
Giant owl (animal) NG
Giant eagle (animal) CG
Celestial lion (animal) CG
Tojanida, Small (outsider) N
Xorn, Small (outsider) N
Arrowhawk, Small (outsider) N
Magmin (elemental) CN
Imp (devil) LE
Fiendish dire ape (animal) LE
Fiendish dire wolf (animal) LE
Hell hound (outsider) LE
Varguouille (outsider) NE
Fiendish viper snake, Medium-size (animal) CE
Howler (outsider) CE
5th Level
Celestial bear, brown (animal) LG
Hound archon (celestial) LG
Celestial orca, whale (animal) NG
Celestial pegasus (animal) CG
Celestial dire lion (animal) CG
Formian warrior (outsider) LN
Medium-size (elemental) N
Mephit, any N
Arrowhawk, Medium-size (outsider) N
Tojanida, Medium-size (outsider) N
Achaierai (outsider) LE
Fiendish griffon (beast) LE
Fiendish snake, giant LE
constrictor (animal)
Yeth hound (outsider) NE
Fiendish dire boar (animal) NE
Fiendish rhinoceros (animal) NE
Fiendish shark, Large (animal) NE
Salamander, Medium-size (outsider) NE
Shadow mastiff (outsider) NE
Fiendish viper, Large (animal) CE
Quasit (demon) CE
Fiendish dire wolverine (animal) CE
Fiendish giant crocodile (animal) CE
Fiendish tiger (animal) CE
Fiendish girallon (beast) CE
6th Level
Celestial dire bear (animal) LG
Celestial unicorn (magical beast) CG
Elemental, Large (elemental) N
Rast (outsider) N
Xorn, Medium-size (outsider) N
Slaad, red (outsider) CN
Chaos beast (outsider) CN
Kyton (devil) LE
Barbazu (devil) LE
Bezekira LE
Erinyes (devil) LE
Belker (elemental) NE
Fiendish viper, Huge snake (animal) CE
7th Level
Celestial elephant (animal) NG
Avoral guardinal (celestial) NG
Djinni (outsider) CG
Ravid [alone] N
Elemental, Huge (elemental) N
Invisible stalker (elemental) N
Xorn, Large (outsider) N
Arrowhawk, Large (outsider) N
Tojanida, Large (outsider) N
Slaad, blue (outsider) CN
Hamatula (devil) LE
Osyluth (devil) LE
Fiendish dire tiger (animal) CE
Bebilith (demon) CE
Fiendish octopus, giant (animal) CE
8th Level
Lillend CG
Formian taskmaster [alone] LN
Janni (genie) (outsider) N
Elemental, greater (elemental) N
Barghest, Medium-size LE
Cornugon (devil) E
Fiendish squid, giant (animal) LE
Salamander, Large (outsider) NE
Succubus (demon) CE
9th Level
Lammasu (magical beast) LG
Couatl (outsider) LG
Astral deva (celestial) NG
Ghaele eladrin (celestial) CG
Elemental, elder (elemental) N
Barghest, Large LE
Xill (outsider) LE
Rakshasa (outsider) LE
Gelugon (devil) LE
Night hag (outsider) NE
Nightmare (outsider) NE
Vrock (demon) CE
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