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Ritual Level Category Key Skill Market Price
Combine Consciousnesses 18 Enchantment Arcana (Special) 60,000gp
Create Mundane Item 3 Creation Arcana 125gp
Create Panacea 15 Creation Nature 5000 gp
Deity Converse 3 Divination Religion 500gp/Question
Dragon's Sigil 1 Binding Arcana (no check) 50 gp
Drakon Blood Binding 10 Binding Arcana 50,000,000
Eldritch Tattoo 18 Creation Arcana 20,000 gp
Enhance Memory 1 Exploration Arcana or Religion (no check) 50 gp
Extend Senses 1 Scrying Arcana (No check) 50 gp
Implant Cybernetic 6 Restoration Heal 360 gp
Kenitic Empower 1 Enchantment Athletics 500
Landbond Coronation 10 Binding Religion (no check) 1000 gp
Landbond Deposition 11 Warding Nature 2600 gp
Landbond Enserfdom 10 Binding Nature or Religion 1,000 gp
Leed's Curse 3 Binding Arcana or Religion 400 gp
Magic Seed 6 Creation Nature 360 gp
Paper Messenger 1 Exploration Arcana 50 GP
Phantom Bird 8 Exploration Arcana 380 gp
Planepower Drain 11 Binding Arcana 4000 gp
Razor Vial Recipe 2 Creation Arcana 80 gp
Reprogramming 18 Binding Religion N/A
Ritual of Decadence 16 Binding Religion 9,000 gp
Soul Split 25 Creation Arcana 500,000 gp, the ritual is outlawed in most kingdoms
Storage Scroll 2 Creation Arcana 100 gp
Summon Gold 4 Creation Arcana (no check) 175 gp
Summoned Weapon of Brutus 16 Binding Religion 8,000
Vow of Penance 1 Divination Religion (no check)
Weld 8 Creation Arcana 680 gp

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