Ritual of Decadence (4e Ritual)

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Ritual of Decadence[edit]

You force a deva to prematurely, though temporarily, take on their final form... that of the dreaded rakshasa

Level: 16 Component Cost: 3,600 gp
Category: Binding Market Price: 9,000 gp
Time: One hour Key Skill: Religion
Duration: 24 hours

You must be in possession of a lock of hair or drop of blood from the intended recipient of the ritual. The intended recipient must be a deva. When the ritual is complete, you have 24 hours to make a successful melee basic attack against the intended recipient. If you do not successfully attack that recipient before the expiration of the ritual, then the ritual expires to no effect.

If you make a successful melee basic attack against the recipient before the ritual expires, roll a Religion check. If the Religion check exceeds the deva's Will defense, then the deva is immediately transformed into a rakshasa. Whether or not the Religion check exceeds the deva's Will defense, the ritual expires. The transformation lasts until the rakshasa completes an extended rest or receives a successful Remove Affliction Ritual, whichever comes first. While in rakshasa form, if the rakshasa dies, the rakshasa will not reincarnate, and cannot be resurrected or otherwise raised from the dead. This death becomes permanent.

The deva in rakshasa form is mechanically identical to the original form, except the deva now appears demonic, with hands reversed. The deva-cum-rakshasa incurs a -1 penalty on all attacks made with the weapon or implement keyword until the end of the encounter in which it was transformed.

At the end of the first short rest after the transformation, the rakshasa gains the at-will ability to generate an illusion of its former form on itself as a minor action. The illusion requires a minor action to sustain each round, and cannot be maintained during a short or extended rest. The rakshasa loses this ability as soon as the transformation ends.

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