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This is a property of type String.

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Bind creature (4e Ritual) +special  +
Cabbage to Gin (4e Ritual) +15 gp  +
Combine Consciousnesses (4e Ritual) +30,000gp, plus 5000gp per participant  +
Create Minion (4e Ritual) +150gp per minion level  +
Create Mundane Item (4e Ritual) +Special  +
Create Panacea (4e Ritual) +Special  +
Create Undead (4e Ritual) +50 gp  +
Deity Converse (4e Ritual) +100gp/Question  +
Draegloth (4e Creature) +5000gp, plus a holy symbol of Lolth worth at least 1000gp  +
Dragon's Sigil (4e Ritual) +5gp×your level  +
Drakon Blood Binding (4e Ritual) +100,000  +
Eldritch Tattoo (4e Ritual) +10,000 gp  +
Enhance Memory (4e Ritual) +50 gp  +
Extend Senses (4e Ritual) +10 gp, plus a focus worth 5gp  +
Feats (Arachonomicon; the Book of Spiderkind Chapter) +100 gp, plus a holy symbol worth at least 10gp and 4 [[4e Index (4e Other)#healing surge|healing surges]], which cannot be regained for 168 hours  +
Ghetto Ritual (4e Ritual) +50 feet duct tape per item.  +
Implant Cybernetic (4e Ritual) +150 gp plus the cybernetic item to be implanted.  +
Kenitic Empower (4e Ritual) +200  +
Landbond Coronation (4e Ritual) +10,000 gp, plus 4 healing surges  +
Landbond Deposition (4e Ritual) +See below  +
Landbond Enserfdom (4e Ritual) +10 gp  +
Leed's Curse (4e Ritual) +50 gp  +
Magic Seed (4e Ritual) +70 gp  +
Paper Messenger (4e Ritual) +10 GP  +
Phantom Bird (4e Ritual) +80 gp  +
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