Contingent Resurrection (4e Ritual)

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Contingent Resurrection[edit]

A shaft of light shines down from the heavens, illuminating her and everything around her as her fatal wounds close and she stands again, ready to fight.

Level: 24 Component Cost: 50,000 gp and 24th level Epic Destiny class feature (or higher)
Category: Restoration Market Price: 300,000 gp
Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Religion (no check)
Duration: Permanent until discharged or dismissed, then instantaneous

This ritual targets the ritual caster or a willing ally who must remain present during the entire ritual. Until discharged or dismissed, if the subject is slain, as long as there is even the smallest mote of dust remaining and the soul is free and willing to return to life, they can immediately return to life on their next turn (without an action) with full hit points. This discharges the ritual and illuminates the area around the subject with bright light in a close burst 4 for 1 round. The subject is freed of any temporary conditions suffered at death (including prone), but permanent conditions remain. The subject will not suffer any death penalties similar to those experienced from the "Raise Dead" ritual, but neither do the subject's powers recharge as if they had rested.

Contingent resurrection does not work on a creature that has died of old age. Some magical effects trap the soul and thus prevent Contingent Resurrection from working.

During casting, the ritual caster or any participant in the ritual expends their 24th level (or higher) Epic Destiny class feature (meaning that it cannot be used for the duration), which will not recover until the ritual is discharged or dismissed (after which the ability can be recovered during an extended rest as normal). The individual who contributes this ability may dismiss the ritual at any time as a minor action, allowing them to recover the use of their ability after an extended rest.

Optional Variants: Your DM may require that the ability expended must be a similar ability that restores characters to life when they are dead or dying. The DM may also optionally change the "if the subject is slain" text to read "if the subject falls to 0 or fewer hp".

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