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Binding Contract[edit]

The subjects provide a few drops of blood each for the final part of the ritual, signing their names to a contract that bears great eldritch power. Once the deal is sealed, the people involved must abide by it.

Level: 15 Component Cost: 500 gp/subject
Category: Binding Market Price: 5,000gp
Time: 1 day Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 1 year and 1 day maximum

You draw up a contract between two or more willing individuals, each of whom provides a drop of blood, ichor, ectoplasm or other bodily substance in order to bind themselves to the contract. When the ritual is complete, each participant in the contract is bound to its terms until they are completed.

Each party to a binding contract must be willing and present for the entire ritual. If any party to the contract signs unwillingly, the whole contract fails to take effect.

A binding contract must specify a time period of no longer than a year and a day within which it must be completed. Some also specify a shorter period within which one or more of the parties must begin to act to complete it. A creature subject to the binding contract that fails to meet its obligations suffers a -4 penalty to all defenses, skill checks and saving throws. It also no longer recovers healing surges when it takes an extended rest, and it loses one healing surge per week. If it has no healing surge to lose, it instead loses hit points equal to its bloodied value. Once it completes its part of the contract, the creature recovers normally upon taking an extended rest.

A single binding contract can only cover up to a single act for each participant of the contract, but that single act can be detailed. For example, a contract could require one side to undertake a quest that involves several steps, but cannot require that same side to also perform any action unrelated to that quest.

A binding contract cannot be negated or removed without the use of a ritual or power of 20th level or higher. The caster of the ritual or power must succeed at an Arcana check opposed by that made at the time of the binding contract's casting.

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