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Create Panacea[edit]

After many hours of ardouous labor, the potion is complete. In the vial, there is enough of the elixer to cure the entire village of the plague.

Level: 15 Component Cost: Special
Category: Creation Market Price: 5000 gp
Time: 10 hours Key Skill: Nature
Duration: Permanent

The secret of the Panacea is rare and long sought-after. The necessary components are very difficult to find, and the secrets of biology are known to but a few. Only in a land teeming with plant life can one hope to harvest the necessary ingredients, and even then, one has to know exactly what to do with them. Once one has gathered and processed the ingredients, one must cast a series of spells on them in order to bring the chemical components within them together. The final effect of the ritual will be to make a small amount of the Panacea, the "cure-all." Every poison, disease, and ailment can be cured by but a drop of this, but it cannot bring back the dead, nor can it heal physical injuries. A single successful ritual creates enough of the potion to cure 1,000 humanoid-sized creatures of anything. The dosage needed is but a drop per humanoid, usually put into water. The irony is that if a humanoid takes any more than a single drop, it can be poisonous itself, so dosage control is vital.

This ritual was invented in Paludia by the Marsh Masters of the land, and is their crowning achievement as mages. The sad news is, with the recent opening of trade with humanity, some parts of the rainforest are being destroyed to make room for new trading posts and new villages which spring up to take advantage of the new commerce. This has made the rare ingredients even more rare.

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