Dimensional Lock (4e Ritual)

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Dimensional Lock[edit]

With this ritual, you create a large and long-lasting zone that impedes teleportation.

Level: 24 Component Cost: 25,000 gp
Category: Warding Market Price: 105,000 gp
Time: 24 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Up to 1 year

You create a zone that makes teleportation very difficult. While this ritual's effects last, to successfully teleport into, out of or within the zone, a creature must make an Arcana check with a DC equal to the check you make when you perform this ritual. Failure wastes the action, but not the power, and the teleportation fails to take effect.

The exact maximum size and duration of the zone is determined by your Arcana check. When you perform this ritual, you can choose to affect a smaller size than maximum, even excluding some areas from this ritual's effect, or for the ritual to have a duration shorter than its maximum; however, once you have made these choices, they are set and may not be revised without re-casting the ritual.

Arcana Check Maximum Size and Duration of Zone
9 or lower 100 x 100 squares; 1 day
10-19 200 x 200 squares; 1 week
20-29 500 x 500 squares; 1 month
30-39 1000 x 1000 squares; 4 months
40 or higher 2000 x 2000 squares; 1 year

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