Cause Disease (4e Ritual)

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Cause Disease[edit]

The subject within the circle is inflicted with a disease of your choosing.

Level: 6 Component Cost: 150 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 360 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Heal
Duration: Instantaneous

The Cause Disease ritual causes the target of the ritual to become infected with a disease of the caster's choice, at stage 1. It can only cause diseases that the caster is familiar with.

This ritual is physically taxing to the caster; it can even kill him or her. Upon completing this ritual, make a Heal Check, using the disease's level as a penalty to this check. The result indicates the amount of damage the caster takes. Assuming the caster survives, this damage can be healed normally.

Heal Check Result Effect on Caster
0 or lower Death
1-9 Damage equal to the target's maximum hit points
10-19 Damage equal to one-half the target's maximum hit points
20-19 Damage equal to one-quarter of the targets maximum hit points (their surge value).
30 or higher No damage

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