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Departed from this world, the divine Avatars left behind a hierarchical and ruthless empire dedicated to bringing peace to Patronage by any means necessary.

Realm: Alabastrian Empire

Cities: Aligon and 49 other cities.

Noble: Deva

Deva Breeds: Deva, Rakshasa

Base: Eidolon

Eidolon Breeds: Bladeling, Githyanki, Githzerai, Tiefling
By Carlos Schwabe [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Avatars found humans oddly compelling.

Avatars are the Patronage term for angels and devils. Any epic-tier intelligent creature that is inappropriate as a player race and dwells in the Astral Realm in the default 4e cosmology might be encountered in Patronage as an Avatar. The Avatars receded from the world thousands of years ago shortly after one of their own was murdered by the Halfling Queen Evara wielding the sword Evararm. The Avatars's realm was known as the "Avatarlands", but, since the Avatar's disappearance several thousand years ago, it has become the Alabastrian Empire.


The deva were created or brought to Patronage by the Patron race of Avatars. They comport with their description in 4e, except as follows:

  • While deva that become evil are transformed into rakshasa, this is merely considered the final cycle for the deva. A rakshasa who dies does not reappear and goes where all other souls go upon death (which is a mystery even to the Patrons).
  • There is a ritual -- the Ritual of Rememberance -- that can be cast upon a deva so that they do not forget what happens to them when they die. This ritual does not prevent them from becoming rakshasa, so, essentially, the deva is immortal only so long as they don't fall to evil, at which point they can be killed. The ritual can only be cast by an Avatar or by a deva who has already received the ritual (and is a Ritual caster). Only four deva are known to have received the ritual: Xalia (now deceased), Juzhian (now deceased), Oncia, and Xarlem.

Prominent Deva[edit]

  • Xalia: The first among the Immortal Devas (so named as they had received a ritual allowing them to remember their past lives fully), she became the first Empress of the Alabastrian Empire and ruled over what is generally considered a long and glorious rule.
  • Muso: An advisor to the young orc Emperor Phratakes who tried to help the savage Altonian Dynasty of the Second Empire become more civilized. He was killed by a mob for his efforts.
  • Juzhian: The second Alabastrian Emperor and an Immortal Deva. His rule is marred with political setbacks and short reign. Yet he is still remembered for codifying the laws that comprise the basis for almost all the laws in the mortal lands of Patronage.
  • Oncia: Possibly the oldest of all the mortals in the land, even among the Immortal Devas. Some even call her the "First Deva". She lords her own eponymous kingdom on the borders of the Alabastrian Empire.
  • Xarlem: The ambitious and ruthless Immortal Deva and current ruler of the Alabastrian Empire, Xarlem has struggled for centuries to consolidate his holdings against numerous two-front wars and the machinations of the Patrons.
  • Enzhou: A general (apparently rakshasa) known for being so brutal that he caused a rebellion then led to the founding of Chisel.
  • Zhalfa: a great general who demanded that Xarlem grant him the Ritual of Remembrance before conquering Chisel. When Xarlem refused, a long Alabastrian Civil War ensued.
  • Zhue: A grandmaster of the Order of the Compass. Xarlem had him executed when he refused to spy on the the Free Kingdom of Oncia. This caused the Order of the Compass to break from the Alabastrian Empire and become an independent organization.


The eidolon are a base race created by the Patron race of Avatars. There are four recognized breeds of eidolon:

  • Bladeling
  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Tiefling

While these distinctions are known to the general world, they are considered mere distinctions in "breed" and not "race". Thee four races can interbreed, and the progeny will be of a breed of one of the parents. Eidolon cannot breed with creatures of other races.

While the Avatars walked the earth, the eidolon were relied upon for a variety of menial tasks and to serve in the armies. However, as the Avatars have retreated to parts unknown, and the deva are now shrinking in number with every generation, the eidolon have been able to take higher positions of prominence in the Alabastrian Empire. They also constitute a significant proportion of the population in the Free Kingdoms of Carraway, Chisel, and Oncia, as well as in the southern reaches of Duat.

Prominent Eidolons[edit]

  • Belizha: The greatest sea captain even known. Her adventures are legendary.
  • Ammad III: The current king of Chisel.

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