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Create new campaign settings and supplemental pages
Create new campaign settings
Creating Campaign-specific pages:
  • Pages that are meant to organize, document, or detail the unique settings of a campaign should include the following line added after the breadcrumb:
    {{4e Campaign Settings Breadcrumb}} → [[MyCampaignSetting (4e Campaign Setting)|MyCampaignSetting]]
    And the following lines after the categories:
    [[Category:MyCampaignSetting Setting]]
  • You may want to add descriptive pages explaining how similar pages are integrated into the campaign setting, such as pages that list links to all available races or classes, or even detail variant rules applied to the campaign.
  • Pages that are adaptable for use outside of a campaign are not listed below, nor do they carry (MyCampaign Supplement) in the name. They should, however, carry the breadcrumb and categories listed above. These are typically more modular pages, such as races, classes, equipment, and other pages that should be kept in their established categories. If the page can be used for any use outside the campaign, it is not considered campaign-specific, and should be created as per the related preload.
To create campaign-specific supplemental pages, use the following forms:

This is a list of campaigns that use the 4e D&D rules, rated in order of completeness.

See Campaign Seeds for short-form, systemless, campaign ideas.

Campaign Settings

Rated: 5/5

These are very comprehensive in most aspects.

Rated: 4/5

These are complete in many aspects, but information is sparse in a few categories.

Rated: 3/5

These have some, but often sparse, information in most categories.

Rated: 2/5

These have some sparse information, but large amounts of material are missing.

Rated: 1/5

These are very minimal pages, and most likely are stubs.


These have yet to be rated for comprehensiveness/completion. Please help and rate these.

Campaign Options


Translations are from an existing body of material into a game setting.

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