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Word Lock[edit]

This ritual creates a lock that can only be opened by speaking (or singing) the proper word or phrase.

Level: 20 Component Cost: 5,000 gp, plus a healing surge
Category: Warding Market Price: 25,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana and Diplomacy*
Duration: Permanent

This wards a door, window, portal, book, lock, chest or other object that closes so that it is virtually impossible to open without speaking the proper word or phrase while touching it. Even you must speak the password or phrase in order to open the object. The Thievery or Strength DC to open a word locked item is equal to your Arcana check +20.

This ritual is even more potent in the hands of a bard, or someone with the Occupation- Singer background (or similar). Such a creature may choose to key the word lock to a song up to one minute in length. In this case, opening the enclosure requires that a creature perform the song at least as skillfully as the caster did when performing the ritual. This is determined via a Diplomacy check made by the caster when performing the ritual. To open the enclosure with the song, a creature must equal or exceed the caster's Diplomacy check while singing the correct song.

Attempting to disenchant or unlock the object or to determine the password, phrase, or song using rituals or powers of lower than 20th level automatically fail.

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