Tenser's Floating Board (4e Ritual)

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Tenser's Floating Board[edit]

"Oh this? I ride it everywhere, like a horse that never needs to rest."

Level: 1 Component Cost: 10 gp
Category: Exploration Market Price: 50 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 24 hours

As a slight modification to Tenser's Floating Disk, you create a slightly rough, long oval plane of force 5 feet long and 1 foot wide with a small ramp at the back. This board-shaped plane of force floats a foot above the ground and can carry one medium creature, two small creatures, or four tiny creatures (following squeezing rules as normal). If the board is moved over empty space, it will immediately fall until it is once more one foot above the ground. Treat anyone riding the board according to falling rules as normal, except with a +2 bonus to the acrobatics check and if they fall prone, they also fall off the board entirely.

Inanimate objects placed on the floating board are not secured, and each round the board is moved you must make a saving throw for each item on the board, or the item falls to the ground.

If not being ridden, the board remains stationary unless you move 5 squares away from it, in which case it moves with your base speed once per round until it is within 5 squares of you or another creature that you designate at the time you cast the ritual. If the board is more than 5 squares away from you or the other creature that you designated for 2 consecutive rounds, the board disappears, immediately dropping any riders or items to the ground.

While being ridden, any rider can command it to move as many squares as their highest speed +2 as a move action. A rider need not be your ally. If multiple creatures are riding at once, any of them can command the board on their turn, but the board can only be commanded in this way once per round. When moving the board, you may attempt to "shake off" other riders; make an opposed Arcana check vs their Acrobatics check to determine if this action succeeds.

As a minor action, any rider can kick the ramp on the back of the board, which will cause it to rise 5 feet until the end of his turn-- during this time the board ignores distance from the ground beneath it and can cross gaps in terrain. The board can only be commanded in this way once per round.

As a move action, any rider may attempt to prevent another rider from moving the board on their next turn; make an opposed Arcana check to determine if this action succeeds.

A rider subjected to forced movement may attempt to bring the board with them as a free action with a successful moderate DC acrobatics check. If the rider does so, they are not granted the usual saving throw to prevent forced movement into hindering terrain, such as over a cliff.

You can still attack as normal while on the board.

Your arcana check determines the maximum load the board can take, if the board has too much weight on it, it hovers 1 inch off the ground and is slowed.

Table: Arcana Check Result
Dice Roll Maximum Load
9 or lower 250 lb.
10-24 500 lb.
25-39 1,000 lb.
40 or higher 2,000 lb.

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