Landbond Enserfdom (4e Ritual)

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You compel the recipient to become a serf to the land.

Level: 10 Component Cost: 10 gp
Category: Binding Market Price: 1,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Nature or Religion
Duration: Instantaneous

If your Nature or Religion check (choose one at the time of casting) exceeds the sum of 20 plus the recipient's Endurance modifier, the recipient gains a bondsman landbond to the fief in which the bondsman is located at the time of casting. The recipient cannot already be subject to a landsbond. The recipient must be willing (unlikely) or helpless for the duration of the ritual. The bondsman must be bonded to no less than one hide and no more than ten hides of contiguous arable land. The bondsman's fief can only have one immediately superior liege. The bondsman's immediately superior liege must consent to the landbond. That liege is immediately aware of the casting of this ritual within the liege's fief, as well as the identity of the ritual's recipient. No portion of the fief can have 10 bondsmen or any yeomen bound to it.

The bondsman landsbond persists until death or deposition.

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