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Repeating Sound[edit]

When ghost sound just doesn't last long enough.

Level: 1 Component Cost: 10 gp
Category: Deception Market Price: 50 gp
Time: 1 minute Key Skill: Arcana and Knowledge (no check)
Duration: 1 hour

When you complete the ritual, you create a continuously repeating sound emanating from a square that you have line of effect to within 50 feet. You can produce nonvocal sounds such as the falling of a waterfall, howling wind, a symphony orchestra, or even the sounds of combat. The sound can be as loud as a waterfall or as quiet as a whisper, and the sound can be anything the ritual caster is familiar with.

The sound you create is limited to your knowledge of that sound. A listener may make an appropriate Knowledge check (DC equal to 10 + your relevant knowledge bonus) to determine that the sound is unnatural or otherwise "incorrect" in some way. This does not necessarily reveal that the source of the sound is magical in nature, just that it is fabricated or incorrect.

Type of Sound Knowledge Check required
Natural sounds (such as from wind, or water, or fire) Nature
Mechanical or Combat sounds Dungeoneering
Music Diplomacy
Biological sounds (such as a dragon's roar) Same check type as to identify that creature
Speech in another's voice Insight
Speech in your own voice Insight +10 DC
Anything else Arcana

A creature with line of sight to the origin square of the sound knows where the sound is coming from, and if there is no plausible cause for the sound immediately knows that the sound is fabricated. If there is a plausible source of the sound, they must succeed at their knowledge check (above) to recognize that the sound is fabricated or incorrect.

A listener who knows the sound is fabricated or incorrect can use a minor action to make an Arcana check or a Perception check (DC equal to 10 + your Arcana bonus) to determine that the sound is magical in nature.

Once a listener has determined that the sound is magical in origin, they may choose to stop hearing it entirely, or to decrease the volume of what they hear at will.

Ritual Scroll: You can perform this ritual as a standard action when you do so from a scroll. If you do, the DCs are equal to 5 + your skill bonus instead.

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