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A few minutes after this ritual takes effect, you can begin to see the stump of the severed limb start to grow back.

Level: 4 Component Cost: Up to 1,000 gp
Category: Restoration Market Price: 150 gp
Time: Up to 1 hour Key Skill: Heal
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual allows you to regrow severed limbs, destroyed organs and other similar damage to the body of a creature. Each application of this ritual will only restore a single missing limb or organ. The component cost and time required for the limb or organ to regrow depend on the magnitude of the damage that is regenerating. In all cases, if a severed body part is present and no more than a day has passed (possibly extended via gentle repose), the part reattaches in a single round and becomes fully functional in 1d4 more rounds.

Missing or Destroyed Part Time to Regenerate Cost
Ear, finger, nose, toe, or tongue 1 minute 10 gp
Breast, eye, foot, or hand 10 minutes 100 gp
Arm, genitals, leg, or lung 1 hour 1,000 gp

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