Enhance Memory (4e Ritual)

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Enhance Memory[edit]

You enchant your own mind, allowing rituals and spells to be bound to it.

Level: 1 Component Cost: 50 gp
Category: Exploration Market Price: 50 gp
Time: 24 hours Key Skill: Arcana or Religion (no check)
Duration: Permanent

The Enhance Memory ritual only affects you if you have the Spellbook class feature or Ritual Caster feat. On completing the ritual, your mind is considered to be a ritual book or a spellbook with a capacity of 16 pages. The effect of the ritual is cumulative, increasing the capacity of your enhanced memory by 16 pages, to a maximum of 128 pages.

The spell can also be used to clearly remember other things, as if it were a sketchbook or notebook instead of a ritual book.

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