Landbond Coronation (4e Ritual)

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Landbond Coronation[edit]

You bond the recipient to the land, making that person monarch of a kingdom.

Level: 10 Component Cost: 10,000 gp, plus 4 healing surges
Category: Binding Market Price: 1000 gp
Time: 6 hours Key Skill: Religion (no check)
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual creates a monarchical landbond between the recipient and the land upon which the recipient stands. The land that will compose the monarch's fief is land (i) contiguous with the land upon which the recipient stands when the ritual is complete, (ii) suitable for farming, (iii) not already subject to a monarchical landbond, and (iv) either subject to no patrician landbond or included with the active consent of the patrician with the most superior landbond over that land.

All bondholders who possess landbonds in land that would be included in the monarch's fief intuitively know when a ritual has been cast that would affect the landbond. Nobles without a current liege may grant the new monarch their allegiance as a standard action any time within ten minutes of the completion of the ritual. If the noble does not grant such allegiance, then the fief will not be included in the monarch's landbond, and nor will any land thereby rendered non-contiguous with the monarch's fief. Yeomen may opt to abdicate their landbonds if they disapprove of the new monarch, but cannot exclude their fief from the monarch's fief. Bondsmen, of course, have no choice in the matter.

The monarchical landbond persists until extinguished by abdication, death, deposition, or exile.

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