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Moon Rune[edit]

You scribe runes that will only be visible under a specified condition, such as under the light of the moon.

Level: 9 Component Cost: 150 gp plus 50 gp per 5 words over 20
Category: Deception Market Price: 840 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Permanent

Using this ritual, you scribe a message hidden by illusion. You choose whether the surface upon which the message is scriven appears blank or bears another (false) message or image. However, under conditions that you specify, the true message appears. This ritual is often used by druids, fey or other long-lived creatures to leave clues or riddles to long-lasting mysteries or secrets that should be hidden until the time is right.

The conditions you specify may include references to time (including a specific date and time, the seasons, etc), light (including specific types or intensity of light), prophecies or symbols, but may not refer to creatures (so you cannot specify that the message is only visible to dwarves, for example).

The message you write can be up to 20 words long. You may write a longer message by spending an additional 50 gp for each extra five words. You can choose what surface to scribe the message on and what size the moon runes are, up to filling one square of surface.

A creature that is trained in Arcana that makes an easy check can detect the presence of some sort of magical script. A trained creature that makes a moderate Arcana check can identify the moon runes, and a hard Arcana check can identify the conditions that must be met in order to read the moon runes. A creature can attempt to decipher the moon runes at a time other than specified by succeeding at 3 Arcana checks with a DC equal to the check made when performing the ritual. Each such Arcana check requires a day, and if the character fails three times before succeeding three times, she cannot decipher the runes.

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