Lethality (4e Ritual)

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This ritual makes the worst wounds that a weapon can inflict worse still.

Level: 3 Component Cost: 50 to 60,000 gp
Category: Binding Market Price: 200 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana or Religion (no check)
Duration: 8 hours

This ritual enchants a single weapon (which must be present for the entire ritual), enhancing the severity of critical hits that it inflicts. The increase in severity depends on the level of the effect you create, as does the component cost. You cannot create a sufferance effect of a level higher than your own.

Effect Level Critical Hit Increase Cost
3 +1d3 damage 50 gp
8 +1d4 damage 270 gp
13 +1d6 damage 2,400 gp
18 +2d4 damage 8,000 gp
23 +2d6 damage 24,000 gp
28 +2d8 damage 60,000 gp

A weapon can only benefit from a single casting of this ritual at a time. The weapon can be magical or mundane in nature.

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