Planepower Drain (4e Ritual)

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Planepower Drain[edit]

By capturing some of the energy swirling around in another plane, you can use it for yourself

Level: 11 Component Cost: 1000 gp
Category: Binding Market Price: 4000 gp
Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: See description.

With a complex ritual, you trap some of the energy of another plane inside an weapon or implement. This ritual can only be used when you are on another plane. Its effects depend on the plane where you are. The ritual caster must be in possession of the weapon or implement for the full casting time of the ritual. Once complete, the item is imbued with a daily power. You can use the power as a minor action while you are wielding the weapon or implement that was used in the ritual.

Shadowfell: You gain resist necrotic 20 or darkvision until the end of the encounter.

Feywild: You can teleport 5 squares.

Astral sea: You can spent 2 healing surges.

Elemental chaos: Your next attack with this weapon or implement does 15 extra fire or cold damage.

This effect lasts for a number of days equal to the result of your arcana check - 15.

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