Proleptic Visions (4e Ritual)

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Proleptic Visions[edit]

You attune yourself to threats to the people and places that you love.

Level: 22 Component Cost: 13,000 gp
Category: Divination Market Price: 65,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 24 hours

This spell gives you visions of impending attack concerning up to five individuals, five locations and five objects you choose. An “attack” must be instigated by a creature or creatures aiming it at the individual, location or object you choose, even if perpetrated through other means (such as poisoning a creature’s food, setting a building on fire, etc.) Mechanical or magical traps usually will not qualify (as they are not generally instigated by creatures aiming it at the individual, location or object).

The five individuals you select to monitor may include you. They need not be on the same plane as you, and may in fact be on five separate planes.

The five locations you select to monitor may be as large or as small as you desire, but to trigger the proleptic vision the attack in question must endanger a majority of the location. Thus, if you monitor the city of Threeton, a fire engulfing a district of the city will trigger your prolepsis but a fire engulfing a single building generally won’t.

The five objects you select to monitor may be up to Gargantuan in size. An attack on the guardians or wards around the object will not trigger your prolepsis, only an attack on the object itself. However, you can choose to monitor magical wards as some or all of your five objects.

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