Landbond Deposition (4e Ritual)

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Landbond Deposition[edit]

You sever a bondholder from the fief to which they are bonded.

Level: 11 Component Cost: See below
Category: Warding Market Price: 2600 gp
Time: See below Key Skill: Nature
Duration: Instantaneous

You extinguish a landbond placed on the individual. The recipient of the landbond must either be willing, or be helpless for the entire time that the ritual is being cast. If successful, the recipient of the ritual cannot receive another landbond for a number of days equal to the result of the caster's Nature check. Alternately, you can exclude only a portion of a fief from a recipient's landbond. The difficulty and requirements remain the same, but you cannot leave the recipient with less than one hide of contiguous arable land.

At the end of the casting, the caster must make a Nature check to determine if the landbond is severed. The cost of the ritual, the amount of time needed to cast the ritual, and the difficulty of success depend on the the type of landbond the recipient possesses:

Recipient's Landbond Time Required Component Cost Nature Check Required
Bondsman 10 minutes 1 sp and one healing surge 20
Yeoman 1 hour 1 gp and two healing surges 25
Viceroy 4 hours 1 pp and three healing surges 30
Noble 8 hours 1 ad and four healing surges 35
Monarch 24 hours* 10 ad and eight healing surges 40

*Every eight hours, the caster must make an Endurance check with a DC of 20 or better to continue casting the ritual.

If the caster fails, the ritual ends prematurely, and the components and healing surges are lost.

Note that characters of 11th level of greater with the Testament Background have access to this ritual naturally, and may cast it even without possessing the Ritual Caster feat.

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