Purge the Written Word (4e Ritual)

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Purge the Written Word[edit]

With the power of this ritual, you purge all written references to a subject of your choice.

Level: 30 Component Cost: 2,000 gp
Category: Deception Market Price: 750,000 gp
Time: 1 week Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Instantaneous

With this ritual, you erase all direct written references to one creature, object, or event of your choice in a vast radius. You do not need line of effect to a given written work in order to affect it with this ritual. This ritual erases all such references written by creatures of less than your level. Of course, the very absence of sections in written works might draw curiosity in its own right.

This ritual is not subject to the usual limit of 4 others who can assist with the skill check, however, if any assistant fails a DC 25 Arcana check, the ritual fails.

Arcana Check Radius of Effect
24 or lower Ritual fails
25-34 500 mile radius
35-44 1,000 mile radius
45-54 5,000 mile radius
55 or higher The entire plane

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