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Divination Sink[edit]

By the time your ritual has finished, the large sphere of lead that you have used as a focus has taken on powerful powers of obfuscation.

Level: 21 Component Cost: 7,500 gp, plus a focus worth 100 gp
Category: Warding Market Price: 45,000 gp
Time: 24 hours Key Skill: Arcana or Religion
Duration: Up to 1 year

By means of this ritual, you enchant the focus so that it draws and dissipates most divinations regarding a single subject of your choice. This subject may be as broad as you like, within the constraint that it may be only a single creature, object or event. Any divination ritual or power of 21st level or lower fails to provide any information about the subject, while higher level divination rituals and powers work normally. The duration of the ritual is determined by your skill check.

A successful dispel magic or similar effect cast upon the focus will end the ritual prematurely.

Skill Check Duration
18 or lower 1 day
19-25 1 week
26-34 1 month
35-39 6 months
40+ 1 year

Focus: A 150 lb. mass of lead that has been carefully smoothed into an exceptionally precise sphere, worth 100 gp.

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