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Far Strike[edit]

You lay this ritual upon a melee weapon, giving it the ability to strike at a greater than normal distance.

Level: 7 Component Cost: Up to 10,000 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 520 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Up to 24 hours

This ritual allows you to enchant a single weapon, whether or not it is already enchanted, so that its wielder may use it against targets who are outside of normal melee range. The weapon effectively gains a version of the reach trait, allowing the wielder to make attacks with a range of “Melee weapon” at a distance. The first time a wielder attempts to use this special reach ability, the wielder must spend a healing surge.

The performer of this ritual may choose to accept a lower Arcana result than rolled. Doing so will decrease the component cost and the weapon's reach, but will keep the higher roll's duration.

Arcana Check Weapon's Reach Component Cost Duration
9 or lower Ritual fails 25 gp N/A
10-19 Reach 2 50 gp 1 hour
20-29 Reach 3 500 gp 4 hours
30-39 Reach 4 5,000 gp 8 hours
40 or higher Reach 5 10,000 gp 24 hours

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