Razor Vial Recipe (4e Ritual)

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Razor Vial Recipe[edit]

A pinch of metal filings, some magic powder, a tish of that, a smidge of this.

Level: 2 Component Cost: See wondrous item
Category: Creation Market Price: 80 gp
Time: 30 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Until vial is broken

This is an alchemical recipe and so requires the Alchemist Feat to use and understand the ritual.

You create a small vial filled with a silvery liquid. This is known as a Razor Vial. The component cost for the razor vial is based on what level vial you wish to create. In addition to the arcane ingredients you must use to create this vial, you must break a metal weapon into small pieces and add them to the vial. Often daggers are mass produced when a large batch of these are made.

When the vial is thrown against a surface it will break, releasing a flurry of metal shards.

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