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You touch the assembled iron components to create a barrier, a statue, or even a whole building.

Level: 8 Component Cost: 50 gp (see text)
Category: Creation Market Price: 680 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual affects two or more nonmagical metal objects. When the metal objects are in contact with each other for the casting of the ritual, they will be welded together. Any number of objects can be welded together provided there is a contiguous path of metal.

Your Arcana check, with a +5 bonus, sets the DC for Strength checks made to separate a welded object. A successful separation deals 2d10 damage to the object and each object that was welded to it.

Alternatively, the ritual may be used to cut through metal, either undoing an existing use of the ritual or cutting through 1 inch of nonmagical metal.

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