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Magical Conversation[edit]

With this ritual, you issue and receive a series of sendings, allowing you to converse with a creature at any distance.

Level: 20 Component Cost: 5,000 gp plus one healing surge
Category: Exploration Market Price: 25,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Up to 1 hour

This ritual allows you to have a conversation with a distant creature, who must be living and known to you. The conversation functions similar to sending, but instead of being limited by the number of words, it is limited by how long you can maintain the bond, as determined by your skill check. This allows for more detailed conversations, plans to be made, etc. You can converse with any creature while this ritual lasts, and with a sufficently high check even converse with one that is on a different plane, but less skilled casters may find themselves helpless, immobilized, blinded, deafened, or even fall unconscious along with the target. Either of you may end the ritual's effect at any time (as a minor action), and the target may simply choose to not accept the spell to avoid the side-effects (not requiring an action). The target is always aware of the consequences of accepting the Magical Conversation before being allowed to make the choice to accept the conversation.

The caster may voluntarily choose to accept a lower arcana check than rolled, and do so selectively for each category of duration, side-effects, and range. For example, a ritual caster who rolls a 42 may choose to fall unconscious and require their target to fall unconscious in order to converse, but still converse within a dream for a full hour instead of only 5 minutes, and automatically end the ritual if allies move either sleeping conversation partner to another plane.

(Note that when falling unconscious with this ritual, it cannot be ended early, as unconscious creatures can not take actions, including minor actions.)

Arcana Check Duration Side-Effects Range
18 or lower 5 minutes Unconscious
(can still converse within a dream)
100 miles
19-25 10 minutes Helpless, Immobilized,
Blinded, Deafened
1000 miles
26-34 15 minutes Helpless, Immobilized, Blinded Same Plane
35-41 30 minutes Helpless, Immobilized Parallel Planes
(Prime Material, Shadowfell, Feywild)
42-49 1 hour Helpless Parallel and Transitive Planes
(Excludes only the Astral Dominions and Elemental Realms)
50+ 1 hour None Unlimited, Any Plane

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