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This section is connected to UA:Character Traits. It is recommended that one reads these rules and familiarizes themselves with them before using any traits in a campaign.

Name Summary
ADHD You're bright, unusually so, but you're so easily — HEY LOOK A NICKEL
Adorableness You are someone whom everyone finds to be unnaturally adorable and cute. This may sometimes happen even when you don't realize it or do not want it to happen due to the attention it brings. Or maybe you know that you're adorable and wish to use it to further your goals in life.
Agender You have no gender.
Agile You are quicker on your feat than most people. But you lack the strength of body others possess.
All Brawn No Brain "SMASH GOOD!" "BOOK BAD!"
Anosmia Your character lacks any sense of smell, but her/his other senses pick up the slack
Arachnophobia You have quite the fear of spiders and other arachnids.
Aspie Your character has Asperger syndrome
Automatonophobia You are afraid of things that resemble life, such as dolls and puppets.
Avenger You have a grudge that must be settled...
Bandit's Child Bandits will often ignore you. But what about enemies?
Bear Grylls You are basically Bear Grylls now.
Berserk While a normal person most of the time, whenever you're injured in battle quite a bit, you fly in to a rage.
Bibliophile You are unable to resist reading.
Big Unlike most members of your race, you are exceptionally large: A giant among your kind. The character is one size larger than normal, and takes on all benefits and detriments of this size.
Bigender Your character can change gender at will. This takes 1 hour and is an Extraordinary Ability during this though you are considered helpless, it resembles the effect of a polymorph spell or similar effect. It is a total gender swap from appearance to all the other... 'special' bits.
Blind As a Bat You have been permanently blinded, but have adapted to sense everything in your immediate area.
Blind, Born Your character was born blind, but gained better hearing than most as a result.
Blood Frenzied When your life is in danger, the feel of your blood being shed drives you into a berserk rage.
Book Worm You are widely read and have encyclopedic knowledge, but perhaps lack the depth of understanding that an expert would have.
Born Big You were born bigger than others of your race.
Buxom Bombshell There are those gifted with great curves, and then there's you
Cassandra's Curse You can see the future almost effortlessly. Too bad no one else can know.
Child of Druid You have tapped into the inner druid you have being either raised or blood related to a druid.
Child Soldier A warrior at an early age, their maturity doesn't match their age, but no one ever takes them seriously... until its too late. The Character must be under the starting age for their race. Characters with this trait over the age or under the affects of age altering spells, lose the trait.
Cold Homeland Your were born and raised in frigid polar regions, and your body has become attuned to cold as a result.
Color Blindness, Complete Your color vision is non-existent.
Complete Apathy You are incapable of emotions, and to other you may seem soulless
Compulsive Truthteller You have a hard time not telling the truth, and it requires a strong will to even attempt to lie.
Conservative Your character is stuck in their ways and usually sticks to traditional ways of thinking.
Cool You are the most interesting person around, but all the attention made you unable to fully perceive the world.
Craftsman You are exceptionally gifted in all forms of the crafts, whether it be Smithing, writing, enchanting or brewing. Those around you see you as a gifted crafts master, and look to you when they need a weapon fixed or some armour patched.
Cross Trained. Your time spent training in skills found different for your profession has left your body slightly behind your peers.
Curse of the Wild The lycanthropic affliction that runs through your veins is so potent that you can barely control your changes even at the best of times, but in turn, it proves easier to assume your much more savage form on whim.
Dat Booty Doe Due to genetics or the perfect exercise routine, you have a slim waist but have been blessed with wide hips and a rather plump derriere. Unfortunately, your curvaceousness comes with a few drawbacks.
Dead Nerves The character has a weak sense of touch and is incapable of feeling pain.
Dedicated Magician You are so focused on your particular specialty of magic that others have little hope of resisting your spells. But, many say such dedication leads to folly...
Dense Skeleton Due to your relatively higher density skeleton, you are tougher, but heavier and harder to heal.
Dependable Your party can find you as a stone to base the party upon.
Desid You have suffered an irreversible injury to your mind and brain that has caused you to have a permanent migraine.
Digestive Versatility While the character can eat a wider range of foods, even those of questionable freshness, the results at the other end can be disturbing.
Diminished Lifeforce The character in question has a very obvious, possibly disfiguring, scar received from an injury involving a large amount of negative-planar energy. Unshielded/inadequately shielded contact with the Negative Plane destroyed a portion of the character's life force, resulting the character being a full size category smaller.
Diplomatic Leader You are a born leader, able to lead your comrades into battle, but you prefer to negotiate for peace.
Divinely Spellgifted
Dragon Power Mark A rune drawn on the back of the shoulder in turn gives the ability of using dragon powers
Elder Wisdom You are much older than time itself.
Electrical Generator You have electrical energy flowing through your body.
Elemental Bloodline The small amount of elemental power resides in you.
Elementalist You are a master of elemental magic, but falter when casting certain types of other spells.
Emotionless Emotion has run dry on you, you simply lack any.
Excessively Fat The amount of fat accumulated in your body is noticeable. You're not obese, but you could stand to lose a few pounds...
Excessively Fat, Variant The amount of fat accumulated in your body is noticeable
Extremely Feminine You are disturbingly feminine, and people tend to believe you to be a girl, whether you are or aren't.
Extremely Masculine You are disturbingly masculine, and people tend to believe you to be a guy, whether you are or aren't.
Extroversion You are the life of the party, outgoing and fun loving, but somewhat blunt.
Feminine You are very feminine
Fidgetophoric Can't seem to hold still. At all. Must always be moving.
Fleet but Frail Seriously, you should thank all of the living gods you can AVOID a hit, because you sure as hell can't TAKE one!
Focused Fighting You prefer one-on-one combat.
Focused Training You trained yourself to master one skill at the cost of others.
Ghost-Warped Your body reacts strangely to contact with ghosts and other incorporeal creatures, granting you some of their disabilities for a short time.
Giantism You possess a rare gene which causes you to be much larger than most members of your race.
God-Like Beauty You are graced with beauty, having the best features of your race and gender. You can stop others in their tracks with just a look. However, your vanity has clouded your ability to see through illusions especially those that pander to your ego.
Good Shot, Mate Professionals have standards. Yours is your respect for others in your profession.
Graced by Calamity The Character is one of the true Kalosians. The Character is of the true Katoterans.
Hardened Your emotions have been torn from you by some tragic event of your past, or you went to an illegal military combat school where you were forced to learn not to feel emotion through brutal training.
Hardy You are incredibly resistant to disease
Headless Your head has become detached from your body.
Heightened Smell You have extraordinary olfactory ability.
Hel's Attention Due to the many deaths and resurrections you've endured, your body has begun to show the effects of distorting the natural cycle of life and death. Hel is taking notice.
Hermaphroditic You bear both genders.
High Society Your character exudes an aura of class and expects the same in return.
Hooded This Character always wears a hood.
Hot Homeland Your were born and raised in hot equatorial regions, and your body has become attuned to heat as a result.
Insane anarchist The character is insane with no regard to rules or authority! Also the character is very impulsive.
Introversion You find pleasure in spending hours alone, but, in result, not at all comfortable when in large groups.
Iron Liver The fabled few with the Iron Liver are immune to the intoxicating effects of alcoholic beverages.
Jack of all Trades While being knowledgable in a wider than average number of areas, you lack the focus to ever become a true expert in anything.
Joker You are always making fun of people and their flaws
Kleptomaniac You find surprising things in your pockets. Where could they have come from?
Light Sleeper Whether by training or nature, you wake up to almost any noise.
Lithe A extraordinary intuition has given you a remarkable sense for danger.
Little Unlike most members of your race, you are exceptionally small: A dwarf among your kind. The character is one size smaller than normal, and takes on all benefits and detriments of this size.
Little Brother/Sister You have a little brother or sister who follows you around constantly; he/she is annoying, but you love him/her with every fiber of your being.
Logical You are very understanding in math and science, though the arts of society elude you.
Magic-Sight You can see magic but it distracts you.
Mana Blood You were born with mana flowing through your body. You can cast your spells using your blood but with a potential toll on your body. You may sacrifice hit points to cast spells. For each level of the spell you must spend 1 hp. However, if your damage take from this trait exceeds half your hit points you become fatigued. If this damage exceeds three quarters you are exhausted instead.
Mana Blooded You were born to be a spell caster but are physically incapable of casting spells the traditional ways like trough hand movements or spoken words. Instead you cast through pure force of will, this however takes it's toll on your physical body.
Masculine You are very masculine
Masochist You enjoy the feeling of pain.
Master Performer You are an excellent performers, but you spent your time as a student mastering performance rather than more lucrative studies.
Merchant's Bearing You have spent much time around skilled merchants, and hence have become exceedingly frugal, unable to easily part with your hard won coins. As such, given sufficient time, you seem to always pay less for your supplies than others.
Midget You possess a rare gene which causes you to be much smaller than most members of your race.
Misgendered Body You appearance is strongly deceiving in every way, to the point of fooling many, if not all; into believing you are of a gender you are not.
Modern Kids today are very smart, but they don't know their history.
Mute Unable to speak by any means
Needy You always have to be the center of attention.
Negative Energy Conduit Your body seems to hum with suppressed power-that of the Negative Energy Plane. You can control this power, but it does have drawbacks...
Night Hunter You gain attack bonus in darkness, however penalty for been expose in light.
Nightmares Sometimes after a long day your body is stressed and your mind is ready for rest but the plane of dreams denies you access and you are shunted into someones nightmare.
Nimble Fingers Your hands are quick and precise but you lack in upper-body strength.
Numb to Pain Your character suffers from a strange affliction which makes him/her incapable of feeling pain.
One with the Psionic Plane You have a connection with the psionic plane.
Outlaw Reputation You are well known for your outlawish past (or present). You may also just look like an outlaw...
Overresearched You think too much about what you're saying, and you tend to mix languages because of it.
Overresearched, Condensed You think too much about what you're saying, and you tend to mix languages because of it.
Peasant Weapon Specialist The only weapon you care about is the pitchfork you used on the farm to chase away wolves.
Perpetual Chaos Your mental powers are great, but have weakened your attention to the real world.
Phantasmagorist You are an arcanist who is gifted in the art of illusion.
Positive energy conduit creates an aura of positive energy and makes everyone feel better when around you
Preparedness Even though your body is fragile, your mind is sharp!
Problem with Authority You hate being told what to do by anyone other than yourself.
Proud You are very prideful in who you are and what you do.
Psychic Potential You were born with the seed of psionic potential within you. However, this has caused you to take longer to grow, leaving you less skillful than some of your counterparts.
Quiet Anger You are bottled within yourself and letting no emotions visible, but within is a mix of everything that has been kept inside.
Quiet Type, Simple Phrase You don't say much...
Quiet Type, Single Insight You don't say much...
Reckless You have total chaos once battle arises and care little what happens to yourself.
Savage Tendencies
Sexist Your character has something against the opposite sex and believes that the character's sex is the superior sex.
Shrewd Merchant You know the value of money like the back of your hand.
Sociopath You find it hard to empathize with others. You feel that you know what is most important. You do not pity those who are ignorant.
Spontaneous Combustion Your uncanny ability to light yourself on fire has followed you throughout your life.
Stagnophobia You have a fear of staying in one place for too long.
Steel Ranger You are, were, or will be a member of the ancient order Of Paladins known as the Steel Rangers/Paladins
Submissive Your character likes following orders and has trouble disobeying them.
Synesthesia Your body mixes up your senses, generally a person with synesthesia is able to see sounds, hear with their eyes.
Tall You are taller then most other member of your race
The Redeemed Through personal tragedy you have come out of a dark place with a sense of peace.
Tidiness Everything must be clean, tidy and immaculate or you might not be even sleep that night.
Trained in Class You know what you trained in, and know it well! If using a class with Archetypes, you can change between them 3 times per day.
True Believer You have a habit of evangelizing to most people you meet.
Twin Sibling You have a twin, one that you have lived with your entire life.
Two souls You were supposed to be a twin, but your twin died before birth and his soul is attached to you. They may aid you by letting you see through their eyes, moving objects, and mind controlling weak-minded individuals.
Unidextrous You have favored one hand for your entire life, all that work has made it better.
Unique Handwriting You Writing is sloppy, small, hastily written, and often abbreviated.
Unnatural Aura Your growth has been tainted by a strange creepiness that scares others. While some creatures barely notice your aura, others are sensitive to it and find it disturbing and threatening.
We Are Many A man with a broken mind may be unstable, but he will not be controlled
Wealthy Family Your family is rather well-off, possibly due to a lucrative merchant trade, or even nobility; you enjoy a one-time benefit to your starting finances.
Weapon Specialist You have trained with only one type of weapon your entire life.
Wingless Your body reject wings completely, but the will to fly is still within you.
World Historian Character is keen on events that have happened in the past, but suffers with keeping up to date.
Worshiped You were worshiped as a child.
Xenophilia You have an extreme attraction to exotic species, though your interaction with your own kind suffer for it.
Xenophobic You are aggressive, disapproving, or racist against others not of your own race. You will go out of your way to avoid or allow others to know your feelings about this.
Zealous You have a drive to win battles with ardent determination.
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