Automatonophobia (3.5e Trait)

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You are afraid of things that resemble life, such as dolls and puppets.
Benefit: You add your character level to checks and saves determine if something is imitating something else. For example, a golem with an illusion spell cast over it to make it look human might easily be recognized, as might a doppelganger masquerading as someone else or a character afflicted with a polymorph spell.
Drawback: In the presence of golems, constructs, puppets, dolls, or any other object meant to imitate life, you must make a will save (DC 10 + the creature's CR). If you fail, you must attempt to leave the area, as fast as possible. If you are unable to flee, you will attack the focus of your fear.
Roleplaying Ideas: Don't travel with doppelgangers.

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