Cassandra's Curse (3.5e Trait)

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Cassandra's Curse[edit]

You can see the future almost effortlessly. Too bad no one else can know.
Benefit: The character can see the future. This results in a +1 insight bonus to skill checks, saves, and attack rolls.
Drawback: The character has a hard time relating to others, which results in a -4 all Cha- based skill checks and NPCs who know or know of the PC start at unfriendly towards the player. The character is often depressed due to negative future scenes resulting in a -2 on mind- affecting effects.
Roleplaying Ideas: Someone still becoming aware of this trait may be constantly worried or concerned about others whom she sees the future of, this stress will only be magnified by the fact that she is powerless to help them; not that she won't try. More experienced individuals may become bitter or exasperated with people not listening to her, feeling agitated at the fools surrounding her; no matter how many times she warns them they never listen.

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