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Insane Anarchist[edit]

The character is insane with no regard to rules or authority! Also the character is very impulsive.
Prerequisite: Character must take a flaw to show their lack of attention or respect for the law.
Benefit: +2 to spontaneous checks such as spot and listen. If a person attempts to use any means of reading the subjects mind they must roll a d100. Only on a natural 100 will they get something useful. Anything other than that the person gets a random thought of no use at all. On a nat 1 the person attempting to read their mind must make a will save DC 10+character lvl+lowest stat or gain the insanity template. Also the anarchist adds their character lvl to the will save against any spell not of the chaos descriptor.
Drawback: The character take a negative 2 penalty to checks that require sustained concentration and takes a negative penalty equal to their lvl to spells with the chaos descriptor
Roleplaying Ideas: The character should be spontaneous and have no respect for laws or the people who make them doing only what they believe to be fun when they believe it to be fun.

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