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You have suffered an irreversible injury to your mind and brain that has caused you to have a permanent migraine.
Prerequisite: Cannot be a psion
Benefit: When you take this trait you gain an extra feat. Anytime someone casts a mind-affecting spell or power on you they must roll a Will saving throw, (DC=10 + character level + Wis Mod) or they will become mentally scared the power however still takes effect if you fail your save (The player not the caster).
Drawback: The player gets a -4 bonus on ,gather information ,sense motive and search checks. You also take a -10 penalty on Concentration checks.
Roleplaying Ideas: This trait can be nullified of all effects by the character experiencing euphoria the only ways to get this sort of euphoria is if the character has just completed a quest or if they have the alchoholic flaw and they drink beer they nullify the effects for 1d3 minutes if they have the bibliophile trait and they are reading a book or have been reading one in the last 3 minutes they nullify the effects of this trait. If the character commits a sexual act it may nullify the effects for a few minutes and if the character is sadistic they may nullify the effects by killing someone or harming them. if the character has the Aurophillia flaw and they take gold then they nullify the effects for 3 minutes. The combination of these flaws and traits with this one can be interesting and may be a fun way to play.

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