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Bandit's Child [Descendant][edit]

Bandits will often ignore you. But what about enemies?
Prerequisite: Requires one or both parents to be a bandit.
Benefit: Minor bandit clans and members of your clan will never attack you or your party. You also gain a +2 Intimidate.
Drawback: Major rival bandit clans will target you and your party, no matter who is around you, if they are an assassin, they will instead try to kill you instead of their target. You gain -2 on Diplomacy.
Normal: You do not feel the need to steal from everyone.
Special: A bandit's child will have a lithe appearance and slight need to trick and steal.
Roleplaying Ideas: Can be used if you really don't want to deal with minor bandits or specific major bandits, also fun to watch when an assassin targets your teammate for no apparent reason.

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